Something for the weekend


A manifesto for introverts | I’m sharing some thoughts on introversion with Tamisha this week

Patti Smith on writing poetry (via Theresa)

[video] The second best video i will ever share with you — made me laugh and cry simultaneously

Famous rejection letters

Quinoa, goats cheese + roast vegetables frittata | grilled nectarine panzanella | leek + spinach frittata

[video] The quality that changes everything — love this from Susan

Speaking of… I’ve signed up to the Mindful in May meditation challenge – join us?

Gloria Steinem: This is what 80 looks like

The key to happier breakfasts

[video] And finally, this is utterly mesmerising

Happy long/Easter weekend, loves! xo

4 responses
  1. Tamisha

    SO glad to have had the pleasure of getting some insight from you this week, Susannah! Thank you again for doing the interview. Happy Easter weekend to you, dear. :-)

  2. Carolyn

    Thank you both Susannah and Tamisha for this interview. I’ve just been put on a medical leave from my newspaper job by my doctor because I hit the end of my ability to deal with all the challenges you mentioned, and more.

    In trying to undo all the knots the situation has created and figure out where to go from here once I get well again, I had overlooked the impact of being both an introvert and HSP, and no wonder it’s come to this state; to just carry on in spite of knowing I needed a different kind of work life was folly.

    However, being reminded that there are choices in how to move forward was exactly what I needed to hear right now. So thank you again!

  3. TJ Wood

    I so dearly loved that first flight video of the two women–what a wonderful compliment to be told later in life that you don’t act your age :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Rose

    The two women are Dutch, just like me :D Brave women!

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