Something for the weekend

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The mind never seems to stop — thoughtfulness from Jeff

The gorgeous work of Taylor Allen

[video] Thrilled that this timely documentary is going to be made

Amusing Amazon reviews (thanks sister!)

Experiences of books in prisons

I had fun talking magic with Danielle Dowling this week

“The only thing that’s important is that you really, actually make the time to show yourself + your mind + your body the love and care it deserves. Even if that comes in an un-sexy, non-Pinterest-sanctioned package.” Amen, Sarah!

Cindy Gallop is a modern day hero(ine)

Brilliant reusable packaging | grass stickies | sushi memo pads

A visual history of typewriter art

And finally, the summer session of Photo Meditations is now enrolling! Can’t wait to teach this lovely class again — being on holiday completely revived my photograpy mojo :)

Happy weekend, loves! xo

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  1. elizabeth

    yes yes yes!!!! I pledged $500 to Embrace on Saturday as I WANT to see this made!!! oxoxox

  2. elle north

    Tabs opened. Tea steaming. I’m going to dive into these links. Thank you Susannah! xx

  3. Emmy

    Oh these reviews cracked me up so much, had tears streaming on my cheecks thank you! Really could use such a tickle to laugh!

  4. Emma Bloom

    Oh thank you for the link to the Embrace documentary, so brilliant, so inspiring. Had me sniffling away at the awesomeness of Taryn …x

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