Something for the weekend

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How freaking amazing are these action figures for girls (and boys! Noah will love them)

It’s the question that just never gets old: what happens after we die?

All of these (especially this print)

I want one in my future garden: the ultimate granny flat!

Sweet + spicy fridge pickles | strawberries + melon with lemon sugar + mint | carrot salad with tahini + crisped chickpeas

A tiny Austrian town is reinventing bus stops (thanks Tina)

How the words we choose shape our lives

Podcast recommendations for creatives, small biz owners, bloggers + pop culture lovers

Inside the mind of the octopus

[video] Will Ferrell and Chad Smith’s drum-off

And finally, Photo Meditations starts on Monday! I’ll be closing registration on Sunday xx

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  1. Gemma

    Happy Friday!

    I’ve signed up to Photo Meditations and I’m so excited to get started x

  2. Carina

    Hi Susannah! I just want to tell you that you a such an inspiring woman! Even though I’m not the most diligent and regular reader of blogs in general I always feel so uplifted after reading yours. Thank you for all the GOOD STUFF you share.
    Much Love,

  3. Kimberly Montgomery

    Totally agree about the Will Ferrell & Chad Smith drum off. Major funny.

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