The Sunday check-in*


Reading… The Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd. Oh this book, this BOOK. So many ahas, even though we share such different backgrounds.

Feeling… filled up from yesterday’s workshop with Sally Kempton and conversations with new friends.

Smelling… minty lipbalm. My new favourite perfume oil.

Tasting… a perfectly ripe white nectarine. Iced coffee.

Listening… the sound of my washing machine. The cars passing by. The hum of my laptop.

Creating… making notes about the oracle cards, ready to send to my co-conspirators this week.

Wanting… more time to read. I’m craving a whole month to just lie on my bed/sofa/in the park and devour books.

Pondering… the bravery of beautiful Jenna, who had brain surgery last week. She wrote to me yesterday: ‘Hi Susannah, I was part of the first Sacred Alone group. I just wanted to write a quick email of thanks! Right after the class doctors discovered that I had a brain aneurysm. This meant weeks of tests and just a week ago brain surgery far away from my home (I live in the United Arab Emirates). I just have to say a huge thank you because the meditations from that class have carried me through this really rough time. So often when scared I meditated – the lake meditation I found especially helpful. Also the doctors continually remarked how peaceful I was and how perfect the procedure was (like my body was helping them!). I am so thankful to you and to that class. It is part of my life, my soul, and my spirit. You have touched my life and helped me to go through the most difficult thing I’ve every faced – brain surgery. Thank you is not enough. I hope each who takes this class is as blessed by it as I have been. Thank you.’

Holy WOW.

* a post inspired by all the lovely lists I’ve seen around the internet. If you feel inspired do share your own check-in in the comments or if you blog your answers leave a link!

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  1. Sylvia Gil-Stearns

    Thank you for sharing this Susannah. I always love reading your blog.

  2. Lynda adlington

    Have enjoyed reading your blog and following your links and have also signed up for your photo course. Glad that you appeared today Kind Regards

  3. Latifa

    Wow! I was in the first Sacred Alone as well! Will be following Jenna’s recovery….and I have also lived for awhile in Qatar. Very small world! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Bella

    What an inspiring story. That’s big. I was in class w/ her. Wow.
    Happy Weekend. xo

  5. Anne Jutras

    That’s a wonderful letter your receive, Susannah! I loved your meditation course (all of them actually). You bring inspiration to a lot of people.
    Anne xx

  6. Meredith Smith

    Hey Susannah! Thanks so much for linking to my Cooper! So glad you love the new scents! xoxo

  7. Jenna

    Thanks for sharing this Susannah. I just wrote a shout out about the class on my blog! If you check it out I also posted a picture of the lake I always go to when I’m scared or when I need to do the lake visualization : )

  8. Lisa R Charles

    Will have mine up today. How appropriate to where I am “being” today. How on time. :-)

  9. Lisa R Charles

    Great read! I loved reading that book. It changed my life, and helped clarify a heap of questions that I had. What a beautiful email. One day I’ll be a part of that class.
    My post is up. Here is the link:

  10. Shawna

    I love this post…I’m going to incorporate this format in my journaling.

    Hey Jenna – what a courageous and beautiful soul you are. Lots of healing vibes headed your way from another member of the first Scared Alone group.

  11. Katie

    Ahhh, what a lovely idea Susannah – thanks for the great idea. Here’s my (Thursday) Check In:

    I too LOVED the Lake Meditation from the Sacred Alone. And I’m excited to hear more about your oracle card creations!

    Katie. X


    I loved this list format.

    I am recovering from back surgery, which was actually done by a neurologist. I was on a ward with women being treated for brain tumours, stroke and more. It was a true reality check for me. My pain had been overwhelming but I walked – yes, walked! – out of the hospital after one night and these other women were on a different journey altogether. I am glad Jenna has found serene benefit from your lake visualisation. I think it is great too. I wish her well and a speedy recovery. Thanks for sharing Jenna’s story, Susannah.

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