Things I want to remember

There’s so much I want to say, I don’t know where to start. I want to tell you about how good it felt to spend a week away with my family. How we tumbled along together as we always do. How my relationship with Noah just gets deeper and deeper, and how I soaked in every cuddle with him, every spontaneous kiss, every sneaky bottom squeeze. How I now know all the words to Frozen’s Let It Go. How much Noah loved Meggie the dog. How we caught ants in the garden and let them run up our arms. How I fell over in the bluebell wood, and how Noah wanted to save me. I want to tell you about how we met a man in the street with four owls on his arms and how I ended up with two of them on my head. Stroking an owl is exactly as magical as you imagine it will be. Unsurprisingly, we drew quite a crowd

bluebell wood
And even though the days were full, I want to tell you how I still went to bed pondering my work in this world, how I’m feeling pulled in new directions and how books and teachers are finding me. I want to tell you about how I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of this, despite the excitement and enthusiasm, despite knowing it’s the right path. I want to tell you how I’m meditating every morning, and how much this new practice is supporting me, and how amazed I am by how naturally it’s unfolded. How my heart has opened wider and wider, and I’m learning the real meaning of surrender and compassion. And how none of it is easy and yet it’s all so very timely. And I really want to tell you how awful and amazing it is to be back home and how much I want to break out of my comfortable grooves and find more owls to stand on my head.

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beach boysus_2014biketrainride

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  1. Danielle budgell

    I just luuuurve that skateboard/bicycle picture. How adorable. All so rich! x

  2. Katie

    Lovely writing and photographs Susannah, thank you for telling us your tales, they are very beautiful. Here’s to you, and to finding more owls to stand pon your head.

    Katie. X

  3. Jo

    Love, love, LOVE! ??

  4. Jo

    (Those question marks were a heart on my phone!)

  5. elizabeth

    soul soul soul food!!!

  6. Sabine

    Your posts are little treasures. Love how you fill your simple words with emotions, the same as your beautiful photographs. The train photo is so amazing and tells a story of its own. Thank you!

  7. Mallory

    such lovely words. thank you for sharing.

  8. annette

    Beautiful Susannah. I hope you and all of us find owls to stand on our heads from time to time.

  9. Lucy Chen

    Like everyone says, you have so much love and soul, Susannah, and you inspire us all.

  10. Bella

    Beautiful. I can feel it all. Your energy is off the charts, good! Sending you love (post vacations can be rough) and more love. xo

  11. Kristine

    Susannah – What can I say? Thank you for sharing such fond memories with all of us — Always look forward to viewing your posts — Sending positive vibes your way, From Boston!

  12. Anne Jutras

    Susannah, reading your post makes me happy, and I’m so happy for you. It feel so good to be away from the Internet for a white a re-connect with the real world. Your photos are gorgeous as usual. Love the picture of you and Noah running to get the train.

    Have a wonderful day!

  13. Vicki, hula~la

    Love, love, lovely post! T.S. Eliot says “Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.” You go, Girl! I’ll follow along! Aloha

  14. Michelle

    I love that photo of you and Noah at the train station – so awesome. I have a relationship with my niece (s) the same way you do with Noah – it is amazing isn’t it? The power of a small child to make your whole world better? I also think the “auntie” role is one of magic and wonder. Kudos and thanks to you for sharing so much of yourself with your workshops and blog. I am inspired by you every day.

  15. jeanette

    Cool, you were obviously down in my neck of the woods. If you are looking fro a great owl place in future try the Screech owl sanctuary It’s kind of between Newquay and St Austell in cornwall. We went there last year on a really quiet day and had owl overload. Going back soon.

  16. susannah

    thank you, Anne! That’s actually Noah and his mummy running to get the train :) I was following close behind!

  17. susannah

    yes yes yes — being an auntie is my greatest joy. We are so lucky we get to be their aunties :) And that’s Noah and his mummy running for the train <3

  18. susannah

    I need to go there! Thanks for the tip, love!

  19. KAmini

    Hey Sussanah :-)

    I love this post… I live in Devon and know the steam railway well! The photos are so reminiscent of Harry Potter they made me smile :-)

    Your reflections on calm and excitement remind me of the whirling Dervishes who seek the still point in the dance…

    Happy Wednesday from sunny Devon where a special place on the moor has fields covered in bluebells as far as the eye can see… And a scent that sends your head spinning… Come back again next year with your new love xx

  20. Meg Manion Silliker

    you will always remain my breath of fresh air, my keeping it real touchstone, my hip idol who lives across the pond. you in a word are wonderful. xo

  21. Annette Gendler

    Love, love, love the train platform picture! Almost from another era with the steam from the engine.

  22. Martina

    This beautiful owl on your head – you hoped for miracles this year, didn’t you? And isn’t it extraordinary to have a creature full of feathers coming to you instead of many single ones on your way? I think there happened more than one miracle… And I am happy for you!

  23. denaz

    I can see you visited my little town ;-) hope you felt welcomed and enjoyed your stay -did any locals tell you that everyone who lives here either is an artist or masquerades as one?? Not sure which category I belong to!!

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