Something for the weekend

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[Video] To R.P. Salazar, with love

The fart that almost altered my destiny

Friends doing good things: Leonie’s weekends | Elizabeth’s city retreat | Bella’s July

The most important list I’ve ever made — thank you, Kyla, for this sentence in particular: “It’s a neurotransmitter problem, not a character flaw.”

Inside Lousie Bourgeois’s New York home

Three courses: zesty cucumber salad with pine nuts | braised chicken with white wine | chocolate pots de creme with lavender and sea salt

[Video] And now I love Jim Carrey even more (I’m 100% convinced that humour will ultimately save the world)

These sand castles!

Living with intention — loveliness from Mara

[video] This video will get your creativity moving

And finally, the August Break will be back this year with a new twist! More on that soon. In the meantime, spend July with me either meditating or creating your beautiful blog

Happy weekend, loves xo

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  1. Tina

    Just read the “The fart that (almost) altered my destiny” and had the best laugh! Totally needed that right now.


  2. cynthia lee

    just want to express my appreciation for these posts. I always find inspiration, yummy recipes, things to think about. Thank you.

  3. jeanne stone

    Really enjoyed your post and some of this made me really laugh, and it is not yet even 7 am on a monday…. Thanks Susannah!

  4. Kathryn

    I’m so looking forward to the August break, can’t wait to see the twist!

  5. Michelle

    I cannot WAIT for the August Break! Yipppeeee!!! Is August here yet? :-D

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