Something for the weekend

kindness revolution |

Should you check your email?

Swooning over these photographs | I love how she sees the world

Sugru Lego hack | meet Sugru’s inspiring and frankly awesome founder

Kale & potato breakfast hash | roasted vegetable teryaki bowl | mint coconut batida cocktail

I had fun chatting with Kate about soulful biz this week

Making me happy: one | two | three | four

[video] “I know it’s about love & ‘blah’ but…”

Check out Lumosity

Women, please stop shaming men — thoughts from Lissa

And finally, the summer session of Blogging from the Heart starts on Monday! If you’re feeling the call to start sharing your heart online I hope you’ll join us :)

Happy weekend, loves! xo

5 responses
  1. Leah

    What magazines are you finding these lovely images in? Mine are so dull in comparison!

  2. susannah

    All sorts! Favourites include Oprah’s mag, Psychologies, Flow, Intelligent Life, Libertine, Yoga Journal… the image behind the words above came from Jamie Oliver’s food magazine :)

  3. Suzie

    I clicked through to read your chat with Kate…you made me want to punch the air! Love how you’ve grown your business organically, trusting your intuition with no rigid plan. That sounds just so right to me and exactly what I needed to read. Big thanks!

  4. Kerstin

    Love Lumosity! So much so that I even paid up :) And thanks for the link to the Badlands photos. I drove through the Badlands six years ago and they were eerie in that haunting and beautiful kind of way. So lovely to see these gorgeous photos of the desert flowers. Thank you!

  5. Gerri

    Ok, “Call Me Ishmael” = brilliant…

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