Something for the weekend

[video] Portraits in Creativity – esp. Maira Kalman

These beautiful ceramics | these desktop wallpapers

My intent is to be a silent witness to my thoughts

Free goodness: an adventure with Hannah | a magazine from Jen | an August Break with me ;-)

Driftwood amulets | stone amulets

For the moment (and it will come) that has you question your bravery — smarts from Tanya

The universe is self-ordering

[video] The pace of modern life vs our cavewomen biochemistry

Grilled peaches with whipped coconut cream, honey balsamic drizzle + mint (OMG) | turkey pastrami reuben + mustard aioli | easiest fridge dill pickles

Attention: the most basic form of love — wisdom from Tara

Happy weekend, loves! xo

3 responses
  1. Tina tierson

    Susannah, there’s so much I could say in response to this and all your posts. But this will cover it all – I love you!! xoxo

  2. kelly

    Love the picture within a picture! Awesome idea :)

  3. elle north

    thank you for sharing these links! they are open in tabs, my coffee is almost ready, it will make for some luscious Sunday morning reading. xo

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