The soul speaking answers (perhaps)

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I can’t stop making these. Rather than making them up, it’s more like excavating the messages that are already there.

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  1. An

    Love these so much, Susannah.

  2. Carolyn

    These are brilliant! Love them. Please share more.

  3. Bella

    That last one… slaying me!!!

  4. KelLY

    Loving this also :) I am going to try some of these this week!! Thank you Susannah.

  5. Anna K.


  6. Judith Johnston

    These are beautiful Susannah. I love the idea of excavating the messages…kind of like a third dimension on a 2 dimensional piece of art, if that makes any sense?

  7. Martina

    Susannah, I love these so! I got inspired and create some too, from time to time, in my language (Czech, although English glides more smoothly somehow…) Where do you take the background photos – magazines?

  8. Lucy Chen

    This is such a lovely and beautiful way to keep a journal, Susannah, and fun, too.

  9. CLaire

    Love, love, LOVE!

  10. susannah

    Yes, the background photos are just pages from magazines :)

  11. Misty

    Visioning is putting her fancy pants on. I love it!

  12. Kim

    Your soul is speaking, Susannah, and it’s simply beautiful.

  13. Parisa

    I think your soul wanted my soul to know this:
    “You need the contrast between FIRE QUEEN and Angel”

  14. Delicia

    Beautiful and thank you for sharing your soul messages forward. They speak to my soul very strongly, especially the last one. Much gratitude! x

  15. Emmy

    I love your collages!!

  16. Sane-mari

    These poems are very inspirational. I did some of my own with my 11 year old son. We loved it. I posted it on my blog. The Art Wokrshop NZ.

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