We’re ready for you, August!

The August Break | SusannahConway.com
Well, we’ve got over 1,500 2,000 people signed up to get the daily emails so I think it’s fair to say this year’s August Break is going to be a lively one! We start tomorrow and there’s still time to sign up to get the (totally free) daily emails — I’ll leave the list open so if anyone wants to sign up during the month they can.

I’ve been prepping the emails (from my sick bed – summer sickness sucks. Fact) and there’s been so much goodness coming in from the contributors I think you’re going to love it. I’ll be mainly sharing on Instagram this year as I don’t feel the need to take a break from the blog — there’s still plenty of stuff I want to talk about — but however it all unfolds, I’m looking forward to taking my foot off the pedal a bit this month. August only happens once a year, amiright? ;-)

Happy August Break, everyone! xo

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  1. riga e pennini

    I’d like to participate!
    I would put the widget contest on my blog… but i’m not able!:(

  2. Dawn

    I will be posting to Instagram as well. My blog is holding steady at a couple of posts a week and that is okay by me.
    Thanks for all the hard work you are doing to make this a great experience for so many people out in cyber land.

  3. Tracy

    Hello, Susannah! So sorry you’re under the weather… and hope you feel better VERY soon for all the photo fun. :o) This is my first time participating in the Break and looking forward to daily shares at my blog. Best Wishes, and thank you for a wonderful community project!

  4. Julie

    So excited, my first time! Ready to go for it :-)
    Just begging that there will be something nice to eat and photograph in our cantina at work today…

  5. jill

    I’m participating, thanks for organising, such a great idea!

  6. Mary Ann Potter

    Hi, Susannah! I just joined today and am very excited about all the inspiration here. I’m looking forward it all!

  7. Lucy Chen

    Thank you for the prompts, Susannah.

  8. cecilia buyswheeler gunther

    Having just discovered you through bella GRACE I am delighted to know that you are not taking a break but sad to hear that you are not well. Sometimes our bodies just say. BED!.. Have a lovely sunday..

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