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The Millennium Bridge, London |
I thought I had words to share this month, but it turns out all my creative energy has been needed for the new book. When I wrote the proposal for Chronicle last year I knew the project was an ambitious one. Photographing a book about London? Yep, that will take a bit of doing. As it turns out, it’s physically exhausting — London is a big place! — but I’m loving (re)discovering this city of mine. Even though I get home barely able to keep my eyes open, I’m thrilled to be flexing my creative muscles in such a focussed way again. The words will return but for now I’m pouring everything I have into this. Can’t wait to share it with you in the spring of 2016!

The Lord napier pub, London |
Coffee in Brixton Village |
The Odeon, London |
Shoreditch locks
The Lord Napier pub in hackney |
In other news, we took Noah to the circus last weekend. He was completely in his element :)

Noah at the circus |

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  1. Lauren Burkitt

    Gorgeous photos Susannah! Lovely to see what you’re up to :)

  2. FelIcity

    Can’t wait for another one if your gorgeous books! They make the world a brighter place. Thankyou x

  3. Bekah

    Great photos! London is such a great place :)

  4. Jamie

    Vibrant. Gorgeous. I see you and London in these photos. Have a glorious time.

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