Something for the weekend

The Hackney Pearl, London on

Have you downloaded the Steller app yet? It’s my new obsession! Find me over here

Lisa Congdon’s inspiring studio

Lots of cold-pressed juice bars opening in London: The Juice Well | Bobo’s Juicery | Roots & Bulbs | Raw Press

My best tips for traveling solo (thanks, Elise)

[video] Finding love on Instagram (this melted my completely)

Spring quinoa risotto | the life changing crackers | mint & almond pesto

I want to live in Erin Wasson’s house

I’m stocking up on notebooks for Journal Your Life – we start September 1st!

[video] How meditation can reshape our brains

If only everything was as awesomely named as these paint colours are

And finally, How to Maintain Control of the Shared Armrest:  A Guide for Women Flying Alone (no. 6 made me LAUGH OUT LOUD)

Happy weekend, loves! xo

6 responses
  1. Gerri smalley

    Yes, number 6!!!

  2. Nina

    Just watched the meditation video. Really inspiring and makes sense. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Galia Alena

    Love these shares- what a treat to discover Stellar, thank you.
    And as one who will be traveling alone again soon I’m wondering about tip #6 on the last article- I’m sure that will work a treat ;)

  4. susannah

    It’s genius, non? ;-)

  5. Kif

    I love stopping by – you have the greatest recommendations for recipes!

    I’m waiting for something like Stellar in the Play Store. : ) Looks fun!

  6. Kathryn

    Thanks so much for the tips on solo travel link, Susannah. I’m hoping to travel by myself next year and the tips are much appreciated as I’m scared stiff about travelling solo.

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