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In the fields |

These are some of the things Noah teaches me about myself:

— He sees me as a whole. He doesn’t see bits of me that he thinks are lacking. He sees all of me and loves all of me.
— He has no embarrassment around me. Clothes on or clothes off, it’s all the same. I’ll be sad when that lack of self consciousness comes to an end. For now bodies are for jumping and cuddling and running and dancing.

the field |
— He thinks I am strong and powerful. I can lift him over a (very) high gate and carry him for half an hour through a corn field when we get lost. Which we may have done on Sunday, but neither of us panicked because we were together (and I didn’t let on that we were, in fact, a bit lost).
— He trusts that I know the way home, even when for a moment I didn’t. I got us home and it became an adventure. From now on it will be known as the day we went home “the long way”.
— He trusts that I will protect him, no matter what. He believes in me.

Give peas a chance |
— He sees me as his comfortable chair. His human towel. His living transportation. His comfort when he missed his mummy.
— He takes me seriously. Most of the time ;-)
— He sees me with loving eyes. There is no “good” or “bad” — there is just “Susie”. Taller and bigger, though not blonder. Grown up. Protector. Conspirator. Best pal. Mule and servant. His auntie. His Susie.

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  1. Claire Woollam

    Such a wonderful bond between you both, these are times to treasure indeed! ????

  2. Christine

    This is so powerful and a good lesson that all of us should see ourselves the way your sweet Noah sees you.
    Thank you

  3. Heather

    So lovely Susannah. I have such fond memories of my aunties growing up. It’s a special bond.

  4. Raquel T


  5. SyLvia Gil-Stearns

    So very beautiful. You are so fortunate to have each other.

  6. Mia

    Hi Susannah! I’m happy to see you are doing well, and look at your nephew! So big ! Love this happy post. xo –

  7. Lauren BURKITT

    Susannah, this is such a beautiful post. His sweet little t-shirt, the open corn field, and your wonderful words all paired together so well. Warms my heart! Sending a big internet hug to you both.

  8. Fiona

    My granddaughter does the same for me…fills me with joy!!!

  9. Kelly

    aww he is sooo adorable! Lovely photos :)

  10. ~Christy

    I absolutely adore this. I remember these times with my nephew. Aunties are so very important in their lives and we’re fortunate to enjoy such a role. Thank you for sharing!!

  11. Phoebe Reid

    I don’t have any little children in my life right now but reading this post brought back wonderful memories of when my nieces and my nephew were younger. You have captured the essence of childhood innocence and trust and love perfectly!

  12. Fenne

    lovely photo’s of beautiful moments :-)

  13. Jenni

    I’m new here, and so pleased to find this space. A great post, some thoughts for me to remember tomorrow, even when I am exhausted!

  14. Honey

    Tis love. Love of the truest variety. Unconditional, unobstructed. What a beautiful thing to conspire in. XO

  15. Luisa

    Beautiful! Which camera was used?

  16. susannah

    These were all shot with my iPhone 5S and edited with the VSCO Cam app :) x

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