Something for the weekend

Little stones |
I am in LOVE with the Expose project — women of *all* shapes and sizes photographed in their beautiful birthday suits. YES.

A window seat reminder of humanity

Effective marketing for introverts — smarts from Mr Jarvis

Fabric food | colour-coded photographs

Pulled pork fried rice | healthy pumpkin spice latte | grain-free pressed herb biscuits

11 tips to better phone photos

On my reading list: Diane Ackerman’s latest

Friends doing cool things: Create Your Dream Career with Michelle | Marisa has launched her Kickstarter campaign! | honoured to be featured in Susan’s awesome new book

Why I’m done with dreaming big — loved this from Laura

How to dine blissfully on your own

[audio] Marion Woodman on listening to our deepest wisdom

Happy weekend, loves! xo

2 responses
  1. cheryl c.

    Can’t wait to check out all your wonderful suggestions…you are a wonderful sharer of knowledge and fun…thank you.

  2. leonie wise

    I always look forward to your linky Friday posts (well, all your posts if I’m being really honest).

    These ones, it’s like you’ve magically posted a whole bunch of stuff that was just what i needed.


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