The magic of Kew

Kew Gardens in London |
The book creation adventure continues, with new-to-me parts of London getting added to my favourites list. I lived here for ten years the first time and I can’t believe I never ventured out to Kew Gardens — it’s absolutely magical! I only had time to see a fraction of the place, but what I did see was enough to persuade me to buy a season ticket. If you only have a couple of days in London there are other places you should check out first (and I’ll be doing a Things to See in London post soon), but if you’re here for a week or more, plan to spend a day there. It’s worth it, trust me.

Kew Gardens in London |
Creating this book has been an invitation to submerge myself in photography — I snap photos with my iPhone every day, but breaking out the big cameras is a whole other game. Still, I really do believe it’s our eyes that take photos. It doesn’t matter what camera you use, it’s more about the intention behind the picture you take. Recording a memory… creating art… sharing a peek into your world… taking a portrait to treasure. To my mind, photography is magical.

The autumn session of Photo Meditations is currently enrolling, so if you’d like to take your photography up a notch with me (smart phones are more than welcome, by the way!) head over here to read more and sign up. This is the last time the class will run this year xo

Kew Gardens in London |
Kew Gardens in London |
Kew Gardens in London |
Kew Gardens in London |
Kew Gardens in London |
Kew Gardens in London |
Kew Gardens in London |
Kew Gardens in London |
Photo Meditations

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  1. Kathryn

    It looks, as you said, magical and your photos have me aching to visit. I’ll hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) be visiting London some time in the not-too-far-but-still-kinda-far-off future, so I’ll eagerly await your ‘things to do in London’ post!

  2. Maria

    What a fantastic pictures! Cant wait your places-to-see guide. Hope to come in the end of November. :-)

  3. Martina

    I’ve spent only five days in London, but Kew was a must on my list (because of Virginia Woolf…) I went there by boat from Westminster Pier – a quite small ship from 1926, called “Princess Freda”. It took about 90 minutes and certainly added to the magic of Kew you mentioned also.
    I love your delicate photos! So interesting how different people see the same thing. Mine from Kew are green, green, green, and in yours there is so much air and transparency, and somehow otherworldniness… Your eyes are special.

  4. Kate

    Your photos are stunning. I could spend ages looking at each one! I’m headed to Kew next week, after a year of living in London, and am even more eager to enjoy it after this post!

  5. Vickie

    how gorgeous! I loved visiting gardens while I was in Europe – spending a bit of time surrounded by nature helps keep me happy :)

  6. Elizabeth

    Oh my goodness. What a magical magical place! And what stunning magical light-filled photos. I want to hop on a plane to London just to visit that garden.

  7. leonie

    When we worked in Chiswick, I would sometimes catch the train down and visit during lunch – the Palm House building is so gorgeous. And the bluebells around Queen Charlottes Cottage were the first ones I’d ever seen in such a glorious mass. I am now planning to plant hundreds of bluebell bulbs down the back of our section because of my memories of it. I love seeing your London explorations & wish I could be hanging out with you for some of it. So excited about your book! xxx

  8. Nanette Gordon-Cramton

    Gorgeous! Love the architecture!

  9. Bakary

    Hi Susannah, I’m thinking of joining the Photo Meditations course. I’ve watched the video, and it explains most things, but I’ve emailed you a couple of questions. No worried if you can’t get back to me in time, I’ll join the next one. Thank you.

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