Something for the weekend

Red leaves |

4 tricks for cleaning with lavender

Friends doing good things: Marisa has nearly reached her Kickstarter goal! Let’s help her get there :) | Vivienne knows how to rock a selfie

How to sit with painful emotions

10-spice vegetable soup | fig + pear salad | the Thug Kitchen cookbook trailer is sweary and awesome

The elegant art of not giving a shit

Scarred, Scared and Sacred: Beauty is our birthright

“I realized this about my own fears a few years ago — that they are always exactly the same, and that they are always exactly the same as everyone else’s, and therefore they are nothing special and actually just kind of boring. (I want to say to my fears sometimes, “Really? That’s the best you can come up with? This old song again? REALLY — you’re telling me once again that I’m not good enough? That my work isn’t good enough? That’s it? That’s seriously the best you got, AFTER ALL THESE YEARS? Jeez, get some new material, dude.”)” — Elizabeth Gilbert

6 things your WordPress site wants you to do every month

[video] There’s no place like here

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One response to “Something for the weekend
  1. Roxanne galpin

    Oh, ‘how to sit with painful emotions.’ What I needed to read today, freshly grieving my oldest sister’s death a week ago from stage 4 stomach cancer. The temptation to drown the pain is enormous. And today when I sat down to disentangle my feelings on paper, in writing, I was surprised at how much judgement I am harbouring about my own feelings.

    Thank you for sharing this.

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