Something for the weekend

Green phone boxes |

7 steps to living a Bill Murray life

“I can’t even describe to anybody what it feels like to have my naked body shot across the world like a news flash against my will. It just makes me feel like a piece of meat that’s being passed around for profit.” — Jennifer Lawrence is one of us

Why I don’t necessarily want to grow “bigger” – love this from Alex

Embracing feminine energy in entrepreneurship

I want the London set (obviously)

Nobody knows what the hell they are doing

Honey almond quinoa granola | butternut squash burrito bowls | rosemary + cumin roasted carrots

Turning emotions up and down at the flick of a switch

this pin | this board

6 things the most organised people do every day (via Francine)

Happy weekend, loves! xo

5 responses
  1. Corliss

    I Love you FRIDAY emails. It wouldn’t be Friday without it. Thank You Susannah!

  2. Francine

    Those three recipes are giving me life. (Thanks for the linky love too!)

  3. d smith kaich jones

    i loved this. all of it. ALL of it. thank you.

  4. Veronica

    Susannah – I just want to tell you that I look forward to your Something for the Weekend posts every weekend. They always inspire me, make me laugh or think or cry or drool. So much appreciated!

  5. Linda Cordero

    I do so enjoy your “Something for the Weekend” posts. Usually, I am pressed for time so I read them in bits of time. However, today I couldn’t help myself and read every one of them in one sitting. I found so much useful and thought provoking info! Thanks so much for the time and caring you put into your posts. :-) BTW…I subscribed to Alexandra Franzen’s site….love her info. Thanks for the introduction.

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