Creating circles under a full moon

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I don’t really know where to start so I will begin with the end. During the closing ceremony there was time for each of us to share what we felt we needed to say to the group in order to be complete. After listening to each of our 13 vixens speak so eloquently about their experience and what has changed for them, I was speechless for a moment. Gathering myself together, I shared how nervous I’d been before the retreat and how I’d worried I just wouldn’t have the energy to be as present as I wanted. (As it turns out my fears were unfounded.) I told them it had been an honour to witness their growth and spend this incredible time with them, and that I wished I had the energy (and personality type) to do retreats like this more often.  And that is the truth.

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Just like last year’s Redfox retreat we all had a transformational week, made all the more enjoyable because we knew what to expect. This year’s retreat wasn’t “better” — it was just different. A different time of year with a different group of women. We made adjustments and tweaks to the programme as we went, checking in with our intuition and leaving plenty of space for the stuff we couldn’t predict. There was an ease and a softness to it all that felt good, and thanks to the amazing food Denise & Martin prepared for us, we were truly nourished from the inside out.

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We certainly had the energy of the goddess in our corner, and not just because we were in deepest darkest Somerset. The four elements kept us grounded: the gusting winds at Glastonbury Tor, the rain failing in the moonlight, the mud under our bare feet and the heat of the fire burning in the grate. We were gifted with music from two of our vixens, an unexpected gift that moved me deeply (and inspired me to reconnect with my singing bowl and place an order for a drum!) We had the most powerful releasing ceremony I have ever experienced. We witnessed epiphanies and a-has every single day. And we watched 13 women blossom as they dared to own their incandescent light.

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By the end I was reminded, yet again, that this is important work, and while I may not have the energy or the stamina to gather in person like this very often, I do know I want to weave even more connection and magic into the work I currently do. Because it really does make a difference. This deep connecting is so needed by women, a precious chance to refill our cups so we can return to our loved ones replenished and full.

Sharing our stories — in whatever form that takes — fosters empathy and awareness, the first crucial steps on the path to healing and wholeness. And to me, there’s no greater journey we can take. To be whole… to be whole… to be WHOLE.

* Thank you Becki, Caroline, Deb, Heather, Heather, Jen, Jo, Jocelyn, Johanna, Laurie, Michelle, Priya and Valerie for showing up as your true selves and trusting us to help you see your light xo

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  1. Allie Andersen

    I love this post, so wish I lived closer. May just have to make my first trip to Europe to see you:) I was wondering the t-shirts that you wore in one of the pictures were just for the retreat or are they available for sale somewhere for anyone. I just think they are lovely and I connect with them so much. Love your blog, your instagram and all the love you put ou there every day, thank you! Hugs Allie

  2. susannah

    thanks, love! The T-shirts Sas and Megg are wearing are from here: xx

  3. Catalina

    This is wonderful! I would love to participate sometime.

    This post gives a magical energy. Thank you for sharing

  4. Helen Garside

    Sounds like a beautiful week. The energy the pictures emit is lovely. Thanks for sharing and well done!

  5. Kathryn

    Thank you sharing a piece of the magic here. I felt a wonderful as I read your words and looked at your images. A special thank you for this: “I wished I had the energy (and personality type) to do retreats like this more often” I find that it is sometimes hard to come to peace and be honest about our conflicting desires and energies, the part of us that truly wants something and the equally part of us that knows that our energy and personality type aren’t fully compatible with that desire. It’s a struggle I feel at times (and am feeling a lot this week) and it helps to hear others speak honestly about it. Thank you.

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