Let’s close out the year in style!

December Reflections | SusannahConway.com
Introducing the very first December Reflections!

I so enjoyed doing the August Break photo challenge this year I thought it would be fun to do something similar to end the year on a creative high! Like the AB, the idea is to take a photograph every day in December as a way to pay attention to what’s around you and reflect on the year that’s closing.

I’ve put together 31 photo prompts so we have something to photograph or share each day. We have an Instagram hashtag — #decemberreflections — a Flickr group if you prefer to share photos there and also a blog roll so we can find new blogs to read.  

December Reflections | SusannahConway.com
All the details are over on this page and we start December 1st — fancy joining me?

By the way, this isn’t meant to be another obligation — it’s simply a lighthearted way to make the most of the last month of the year and maybe make a few new friends along the way. I’ll be sharing my photos on Instagram and can’t wait to explore the hashtag (we had over 22,000 photos shared on IG in August. Crazy.)

* And for those of you who were expecting this to be the workbook, have no fear! The Unravelling the Year Ahead workbook for 2015 will be ready for you NEXT WEEK with an extra treat to help you figure out your word for 2015.

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  1. Corliss

    Thanks Susannah for the prompts for December reflections…I Love It!


    Can’t wait for the Unravelling workbook ! I’m such a fan ! I’m totally ready for the new one, and “ready” by the way was/is my 2014 word :-)

  3. Allie Andersen

    I am so excited, I just about wet my pants! I just loved the August Break and I have been hooked on photo challenges ever since. I am so happy and over the moon that you have a Dec Reflections! What a wonderful way to finish out the year! Thank you, Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a fabulous December, you are just such a bright light in my e-mails every week:) Hugs Allie

  4. Emma potter

    Love, love, love this!! Can’t wait for the new Unravelling the Year Ahead workbook, last year’s changed my life in brilliant ways, I’ve already got my word for the year ready, been thinking about it for ages like a proper dork :) Can’t believe you’ve managed to sort all this out whilst getting ready for a book deadline, are you some kind of wonder woman??? lots of love xxx

  5. Bev

    Wjhat a wonderful way to add to the Christmas season. Thanks so much for hosting this. love photo challenges.

  6. Michelle

    I feel as though I opened an early Christmas present when this news arrived in my inbox today. So excited! :-D Thank you, Susannah! xo

  7. elizabeth

    totally signing up for this!! :)

    THANK you

  8. Maria

    So looking forward to the workbook! It’s the highlight of my year! <3

  9. Tamsin

    I agree with everyone else – I can’t wait for the Unravelling workbook for 2015 – I’ve completed one for the last two years, and it has been really revolutionary! Two years ago my word was “new” after the loss of my beloved pony, to try and make a positive out of the hard fact that it was a year that was going to involve a lot of new things, and that year I found my new horse and started the ball rolling of looking for a new place of my own. My 2014 word was ‘connect’ to try and focus on greater connection between me and the wider world, and also about connecting the dots, translating scattered feelings into action, and I have had an incredible year – I have my first ever house (a little cottage the perfect size for me!), I have been connecting the dots on building a relationship with my new horse and working out what she needs to be healthy and happy, and – most significantly! – I have finally found a new job, which I love, and where the fundamental purpose of the role is all about connecting! I haven’t decided what my 2015 word will be yet, but I cannot wait! :-)

  10. Melanese

    And here I thought I was the only on contemplating a word for 2015 and awaiting the workbook…I literally cannot wait. I didn’t complete last year’s workbook. I didn’t get it until well in to January and felt ‘behind’. This year I am checking DAILY!!!!! I am not missing it this year. Looking forward to reading everyone’s word for 2015. Peace and Blessings to you all and especially you Susannah! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

  11. Swissrose

    Love this and going to try and take part – thankyou!
    Interested in the workbook, too.

  12. Jerralea

    I’m enjoying the December reflections but may I ask what might be a silly question? What does the prompt “Diagonals” mean? I’m just learning to use my camera so it might be obvious …

  13. susannah

    Hi hon! Those two prompts are quite literal – for diagonal take a photo that has a diagonal line in it (like this – some tips here). The same with triangle — looks for triangles! Might be in a pattern or design, might be the way three pencils are touching on a table.

    Don’t overthink it and have fun! x

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