Something for the weekend

Kingfisher wall |

[video] Swimming with icebergs

Harvest chicken quinoa soup | roasted pumpkin seed hummus | salted caramel mocha + nutella brownies (!!!)

How to understand an introvert, in one chart

This tote | and this one, please

Friends doing cool stuff: Liv + Lori’s Infinite Purpose | Sas + Megg’s Heart & Hearth | Tanya + Lauren’s Beyond Compare

A gentleman’s guide to rape culture — an important post, thanks for sharing, Mr Jarvis

Well, I’m all over this: Why you should keep a journal

Idioms of the world

[video] The fire painter


Happy weekend, loves! xo

6 responses
  1. Lemon Freckles

    That wall is so beautiful! x

  2. Emily

    Oh the beautiful wall that makes me so happy every time I walk by.
    Thank you for all your lovely links x

  3. Neens Bea

    Thank you for the Idioms of the World link! So fun, and wonderful illustrations. Have shared it with all my fellow linguists.

  4. K?mini

    Oh so beautiful, the fire painting! Thank you, I so love your weekly round ups xx

  5. Silvia

    The introvert guide feels like an instruction manual for myself :-D

  6. Henrietta

    Yes I agree with Silvia, the introvert guide is so reassuring and revealing thankyou!!

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