Something for the weekend

Something for the weekend |

Fun! British Christmas Jumpers

108 women’s empowerment movies

Choosing the right mug sets the tone for your day – fact (via Tammy)

[audio] Maria Popova on writing, workflow and workarounds

Butternut squash soup | sweet potato skillet hash | warming winter curry

Hmmm, I feel a big post coming on. Karl Stefanovi’s sexism experiment

Potential presents: cosmic mobiles | jewellery display | fabric wallet


30 famous women onovercoming their insecurities

Growing out my grey hair. This is not brave.

Oatmeal, honey and banana scrub mask (channelling my teenage self)

Happy weekend, loves! xo

8 responses
  1. Jessica

    Happy weekend to you =)

  2. Mug Life

    Hello hello Susannah! Thank you for adding Mug Life to your post! Super honored for the shoutout!

  3. Lauren BURKITT

    Susannah! Lovely post, as always. I really enjoyed reading the 30 famous women overcoming their insecurities.

    A friend of mine just launched a paper shop on Etsy and as soon as I saw her watercolour gemstone calendar I thought of you…

    Big smiles from Vancouver :)

  4. Jo

    Brave? Hell no. Freeing, confidence-building and fucking awesome (for me)? Hell yes : )

  5. Johanna Bradley

    Hi Susannah :) Nice mix of interesting you have here. I came to your blog via Kylie and your December photos project. You have lots of participants already, most of whom I don’t know, so I just might join :)

  6. Rhianne

    Eeeee Susannah, thank you for sharing the grey hair link, I’m 29 and I decided this year to grow out my dyed hair and have it natural and I feel the same as that post :)

  7. Lyssa

    Love love love the article on women overcoming their insecurities!

    I’m very much looking forward to both the daily December Reflections pictures on Instagram, and going through the Unravelling the Year Ahead workbook : )

  8. Sara

    Hey there gorgeous! Will there be a “workbook for unravelling the year ahead 2015” this year? If no, I will use the latest one and transform, because I find it very useful. Thank you dear <3

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