2014: The year in review

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First, the year in stats:

Number of teeth removed: 1
Number of teeth straightened: all of them
Number of first dates: 1
Number of second dates: 0
Number of photographs shot: 20,000+
Number of books created: 1
Number of new courses created: 2
Number of hours getting inked: 11
Number of trips abroad: 0
Number of years on the planet: 41
Number of personal realisations: too many to count

2014 was a year in two halves. The first half was all about recovering from my dating escapades in the previous year. I didn’t consciously choose to not date this year but it’s turned out to be what I needed the most: time to get back to centre and ground into what makes me me. And I was doing really well — the Sacred Alone was born out of the delicious mindfulness of the first part of the year and I felt more connected to Source than I have done in a loooong time.

But then the book creation process took over.

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Shooting Londontown was creatively challenging in the best possible way, and physically exhausting in the worst way. In order to stay focussed on the project and get everything done I let myself consciously numb out for a while — six months, in fact. Rather than deal with the big emotional stuff of life I did the work I needed to do — photographing the city, running my beloved courses, staying on top of admin and blogging when I could — then let myself watch a LOT of Netflix while resting my bones in the evenings.

Exploring the city with my cameras was an adventure in itself and while I felt stressed about the project more often than I’d have liked, there were many moments of pure joy as I rediscovered this beautiful (and maddening) city. It felt really good to sink into my photography for a while, though I learned it’s not possible to develop two big projects at the same time. My plans for the oracle deck had to be put on hold as there just wasn’t enough space in my head (or hours in the day).

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I hit my deadline early December and now, as predicted, I’ve been sick for three weeks. It makes me realise how effectively my stress levels suppress any potential illness! I’m used to this pattern of manic creation and then full-body shut down, so I don’t imagine it’ll be changing any time soon.

All in all it’s been one of the fastest years of my life. New friendships were made and others were deepened. My relationship with my nephew got sweeter with every day that passed. My love and appreciation of my family is never-ending and absolute. I adore living in London and don’t have any plans to leave just yet. My teeth are now straight after a year persevering with Invisalign, and my body is miraculously still in shape, thanks to working with Carrie at the gym.

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I faced a few demons this year, and though I numbed out for much of it, as noted above, I’m heading into 2015 with a renewed sense of what I need and what I want. I’m also bursting with creative ideas I can finally start tackling — hallelujah! — but first I must prepare myself for an operation in January. I’m having my fibroids removed and need to get my head around that — both the op itself and the recovery afterwards — but once that’s done it’s GAME ON.

Fave books of the year: The Radiance Sutras | The Book of Love and Creation | The Dance of the Dissident Daughter | Seven Thousand Ways to Listen

Fave music of the year: Bombay Bicycle Club | Asgeir | Bat for Lashes | City and Colour

Fave moment of the year: the day I looked after Noah, just me and him, and he told me he loved me (unprompted) about 150 times

Second fave moment of the year: Noah figuring out how to call me on his mum’s mobile phone

Fave photo of the year:

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Fave posts of the year:  The (delicious) truth about getting older | How to access our inner wisdom | On aching and love | 25 things you don’t know about me (maybe) | Delaying the big reveal | The end of woo woo | Sometimes you need a creativity reboot | The humans of Londontown | Inhabiting the soft animal of my body | Things I want to remember no. 12 | On wholeness & loving ourselves realistically | My beauty essentials

Thank you for coming here and visiting me in this space. Next year I’ll be celebrating NINE years of blogging and it is still such a joy to be here I honestly can’t imagine ever stopping. Thank you for your kindness and your comments, both here and wherever else we connect on social media. The web has woven us all closer together and I’m so grateful for that, aren’t you? xo

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Ps. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas/December break and are feeling ready for 2015. Choosing my word for next year has been made extra special thanks to all the lovely connecting and sharing happening in the Find Your Word Facebook group — I think we may have supercharged all our words in the process! I’ll share mine here on Thursday next week!

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  1. Tonia

    I just wanted to say a ‘thank you’ for your Find Your Word exercise: it’s the first time I’ve ever done it, but felt that I needed something to structure 2015 around. After 3 years of running from myself, it feels good to commit to 12 months of considering the ‘new’ (my word). This may or may not involve dating!

  2. susannah

    mmmm, NEW! Filled with so much promise!

  3. Anne-Marie

    I enjoyed reading your yearly round-up. It sounds like 2014 was a big one for you. Best wishes for 2015!

  4. Ellen Bard

    Fascinating to hear your year summed up. I empathise with the boom-bust scenario with your work, I get ill quite a lot after a busy period as well. It’s a challenge! Wishing you a happy and healthy 2015, and I look forward to reading more of your work then. x

  5. Lauren BURKITT

    What a year!! It’s been such a pleasure following along with you. You’re an inspiration in all the right ways. I just finished the 5-day Find Your Word activities, this is the first year I’ve been really stuck and I found the course so helpful. Thank you.
    Wishing you a beautiful start to 2015, I have such a good feeling about this year :) Big hugs!

  6. AMY at love made my home

    I hope that you had a great Christmas and that your New Year will be wonderful too! Best wishes for all good things in 2015 to you and yours! xx

  7. ELLie

    A big thank you for Find Your Word. It has really helped me to set my intentions for the new year. Wishing you a wonderful 2015.

  8. kate

    Good luck with the surgery Susannah! Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for 2015…happy new year sweetie.

  9. Christina Rosalie

    So exciting to hear about your new book. It will be beautiful. And I know how hard it is to bring a book into the world…

    Happiest New Year to you!

  10. Adela

    Jai ma! Here’s to a super-nourishing 2015, I am feeling very optimistic that it’ll be a cracking one :) xxx

  11. Christina

    Dear Susannah, thank you so much for being such a beautiful inspiration. I love the way you love your family and how Noah is such a light in your life and you in his. I took your Blogging from the Heart course in 2011. It impacted my life in unimaginable positive ways and have me confidence to begin ‘unravelling’ fearlessly. On your recommendation in 2013, I went to the premiere of Advanced Style’ at the Curzon Mayfair. As a lover of fashion, design, courage, self-expression, it filled my heart to bursting. Thank you Susannah for bringing that beautiful light of inspiration and possibility continuously into my life and the life of so many others. Wishing you every joy, peace, healing and so much love, this year and every year.

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