Let’s make some magic in 2015!

Here it is! The Unravelling the Year Ahead workbook, calendar + a free course to help you find your word for 2015! | SusannahConway.com
This is definitely my favourite time of year. Not because it’s Christmas, though that is lovelier than ever now my nephew is here. No, it’s because I get to make you guys presents. I’ve been getting lots emails asking if I was making the workbook this year and it makes my heart so happy to know it’s making a difference — I love this little yearly tradition we’ve got going on! So without further ado, here is this year’s Unravelling the Year Ahead 2015:

Download the workbook HERE | download the 2015 calendar HERE

Here it is! The Unravelling the Year Ahead workbook, calendar + a free course to help you find your word for 2015! | SusannahConway.com
I haven’t tinkered with the format too much this year because I really like being able to compare my answers to last year’s. There’s something about the continuity that helps me see how my dreams are changing and growing. I’ve added a couple of new pages, just to keep things fresh, and of course we have a beautiful new design (thank you, Jo! Go check out her gorgeous leggings!) AND there’s something else you might want to check out…

Find your word for 2015! | SusannahConway.com
For the last five years of sharing the workbook I’ve asked you to choose a word to be your guiding light for the coming year. I usually start considering what my word might be when autumn rolls around but this year has been different. I’ve been so caught up in my book deadline I haven’t spent as much time with my usual word-finding practices and I find myself here in December unsure of what my word will be. And because I know some of you might be feeling the same I decided it was about time we had a way to divine our words together!

Introducing Find Your Word, a FREE 5-day email class to help you figure out your word for 2015.

It’ll be simple, useful, creative and meaningful (of course ;-) Read more and sign up over here!

Enjoy! xo

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  1. Helen Garside

    So excited about the Find Your Word class. Alas, the link to sign up isn’t working for me….the message says it is an invalid email address. Help!! ;-)

  2. Helen Garside

    Disregard my last comment! It is working now. Must be the Full Moon…..Big Hugs! ;-)

  3. Tara

    Thank you SO MUCH for this Susannah. I always look forward to it and it’s really a highlight of winter for me. I love to sit down with it on New Year’s Eve and work through it with candles and music and snacks. {Rock and roll. :) } Love the new finding your word idea too! <3

  4. Meghan @ Life Refocused

    Thank you, Susannah, for this gift every year. I look forward to it each December. Such a blessing. Much love to you in 2015! xoxo

  5. Sara

    I love it. I love you. THANK YOU <3

  6. Emma potter

    Hurrah! I’ve been stalking your blog, waiting for this moment. Thank you so much Susannah, I can’t wait to get stuck in. My year has been ace and I credit Unravelling 2014 for that. I love the idea of a find your word course but I have to tell you I’ve been thinking about mine for weeks already!! (sad) lots of love xxx

  7. Kristin Delaney

    Thank you so much! I’m just getting in the mood for some deep thoughts about 2015 and this workbook is my favorite way to work through the process. Also excited about the Find your Word Class. I have had a couple popping through my head during the fall, but I’m not really sure my word has found me yet.

  8. Tia tuenge

    I’m so excited to get started on this fabulous workbook. This will be my second year using your workbook, I love it’s simplicity!
    Wishing you the best holiday season ever and a beautiful new year.
    xoxo, Tia

  9. tasra

    Yay! Doing the happy dance. This has become a yearly tradition for my daughter and I. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Lyssa

    Oh my butterfly, I am SO grateful for this gift that you share with us every year! My friend and I have a creative retreat planned for this Saturday, and we were crossing our fingers that your beautiful workbook would be available before then, so thank you for answering our hopes! Very excited!!!

  11. Anna k.

    Yay! Thanks so much for putting this out every year. I get SO much out of it and also, just love your blog. You rock.

  12. Tamsin

    Yay!! Very excited to see that this is up! I look forward to the online class and to choosing a word for 2015! Thank you so much, Susannah – this is rapidly becoming a must-do Christmas ritual for me! :-)

  13. Gerri

    Oooh la, la LOVE!

  14. Rosie Grey

    Thanks so much for this, Susannah!

  15. sara (kanpai)

    thank you susannah! i looooveeee this end of year tradition! also looking forward to the emails, i’m a bit lost on the word… thank you!

  16. Kate

    Hurrah! I was just thinking yesterday that it was about time for a yearly review and wondering when your guide would go up. Thank you so, so much! This will be the third year that I’ve worked through the workbook and it has been a wonderful, growing, exciting experience every time. You’re amazing!

  17. Paula

    Thank you so much! I have been so excited about this. I loved this past year’s journey using this as a guide.

  18. Shandi

    I really look forward to this workbook every December, and now I’m also excited about the mini-course to go with it.

    The last five years have been quite rough on me, but I’m hopeful for 2015. I’ll treat myself to some quiet time the night before New Year’s and unravel!

  19. Mia

    One of the many chiming in with a wholehearted THANK YOU. This is truly an amazing gift. Like others, I have been checking in daily for its arrival. Looking forward to sinking deeply into this!

  20. yvette

    I’ve been doing this since 2012 (or 2013 they’re at home…). I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks so much, know it’s greatly appreciated and shared.

  21. Susan Farrell

    This is such a fabulous idea! Thank You so much, Love Susan

  22. sheila

    YES. YES. YES.
    I have been looking forward to this since about October. It was an absolute game changer for me in 2014. Thank you Susannah!!
    Love and light to you.
    Today and always.

  23. Mathilda

    I am soo excited for the new “Unravelling the year ahead”. Have been lurking around your blog for the last few days… always hoping that you will write THIS post. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Susannah! Your workbook is such a pleasant and inspiring way to finish the old and start the new year! Can’t wait to print it and to work with it… Love Mathilda

  24. Helene

    Thank you Susannah!! Love your graphics this year. xoh

  25. Maureen

    Thank you so much. I look forward to this each year. I have a ritual of sitting with a cuppa in the quiet of New Year’s Day and take my time working through this. xo

  26. daisy aka steph

    Oh thank you Susannah, I look forward to reviewing my previous years’ workbooks and filling out yet another one! This workbook is a lovely pre-Christmas gift! Thank you.

  27. Lucy chen

    Thank you! Beautiful and generous Susannah! I’m dying to find a word for 2015. Thank you for the very lovely gifts, too. I’m saving them to print in Officeworks in color next Monday! So happy and excited to dive in! Thank you!

  28. Erika

    YAY! I have been waiting for this this year! Exciting! And I’m excited about the find your word class too! :)

  29. Nina

    Dear Susannah, thanks so much for the beautiful workbook. I am using this for the 3rd year now and I love it! One suggestion for the next one maybe: I tend to forget what I have achieved during the year, so it might be worth putting in a month by month review page, like the grid for defining the goals for the coming year. That also makes is easy to compare what I planned to do and what I did or what was important. It could be a section for what I was grateful for in each month. Thanks again for you lovely work. Wishing you a very happy holiday season! Nina

  30. Priti

    Super excited to go through the unravelling worksheets again this year! Thanks for putting them together, Susannah :)

  31. Kristen

    So excited to get started on this. I just wrote down the other day that I want to focus on what I learned in 2014 and make some plans for 2015… can’t wait to get started on this and unravelllll for personal evolution. <3

  32. Kate

    Just wanted to send along a heart full of THANK YOU for the beautiful presents you have created for us!

  33. KendraKay

    I’m new to this ritual and SUPER excited but when I print the workbook, all the words that are black come out with a black background, so I can’t read them. Did anyone else have this problem?

  34. silvia maria

    Thank you for your special gift!!!!! Good luck for all your dreams. S.

  35. COco

    So grateful that you’re doing this again! I didn’t do it last year and now I’m regretting it because I’m very curious what I my answers would have been. So much changed for me. I was in a total different direction last year (not bad one, just very different). Looking forward to filling this in :)

  36. rochelle

    thank you thank you thank you for doing this! I’ve been waiting for it, and the design is more beautiful than ever. Sure, I can definitely reflect and plan for the upcoming year on my own, but it feels so much more intentional( and fun) this way. Thanks for all the wonder, magic and love. You are so much appreciated. xoxo

  37. Melanese

    I have SO been looking forward to this. I am having trouble with my word for 2015 so I welcome this. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

  38. rachel

    Oh, yay! I have started my reflections on 2014 already (have to be in a good frame of mind, and preferably, accompanied by a nice glass of win ;) Going to transfer some of my notes across, and then start on planning for 2015. I think I have found my word already. It came out of nowhere, and won’t leave me alone. It’s been a few years since that’s happened.
    Happy December! xxx

  39. Giusy

    thank you! This is so special! It help me a lot last year to clarify my though as your beautiful and inspiring books!

  40. sara iles

    Just been joyfully and humbly reading my unravelling 2014 workbook. Thanks for your blog and your insights.
    Thank you so much Susannah for your compassion and power throughout this year and here’s to an immense, grateful, embracing 2015.

  41. Wendy

    thank you for your inspiration this year, wonderful woman, I have finally had the courage to do my first posts and feel such a flood of excitement … tonight I will begin the unravelling process … laughter and fun to you for December … Oceans full of it

  42. LOIS

    Hi Susannah and fellow unravelers.
    I’m excited to try this course and to find my word too. Since the autumn I’ve felt a real shift, the culmination of years of exploring. I turned 40 at the start of November and really feel like I’ve turned the page not just of a new chapter but the next volume: a fresh blank book just waiting. I haven’t a clue what’s ahead but will appreciate some good company to feel my way into 2015!

  43. katie

    Thank you so much for doing another unravelling this year! I went hunting for last years copy this evening and have just read it cover to cover. As with the year before it’s amazing how much i have actually done that i set out to do at the beginning of the year.

    Working through it has become an important part of my end of year. It really helps me. So thank you.

  44. Kathryn

    I wondered last year how 2015’s workbook could be as pretty as 2014’s and here it is even more lovely!
    I can’t wait to get stuck in after Christmas {my normal planning time} and am so looking forward to this mini word course! I always find it hard to figure it out.

  45. Ximena

    Hi Susannah! For some reason, I can’t save the workbook to my desktop in order to print it. It says that the file is damaged. Is there any way to solve this? Thanks!!

  46. Melinda (aka Resourceful Cookie)

    Thank you so much for giving us this beautiful gift. I enjoy completing it each year and it helps me make the new year so much more meaningful.

  47. susannah

    hi love, I’ll email you the file xx

  48. Aurora Emmaline

    I am having that exact problem! It’s such a bummer too because I was soooo excited… I’m not sure how to fix this, I would be sooo grateful if anyone has any so,unions to this… Thank you!! ????

  49. Aurora Emmaline

    I wish so much that I could print this out but it just won’t work- the words have a black line through them preventing me from being able to read them. ???? Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? I am so excited to get started…. It’s such a beautiful offering ????????

  50. Celeste

    Many of the words are blacked out. I’ve tried printing on 2 different computers. Please help :)

  51. sheridan

    I have just had a quick look through this and I’m feeling very excited. What a beautiful gift you have shared so freely!
    Bless you xxx

  52. susannah

    I’ll email you the file, hon x

  53. susannah

    I’ll email you the file, hon – see if that makes a difference x

  54. Mum Reinvented

    Would you be able to email me the file too please – I’ve got the same problem with the black lines through all the words :-( Thanks so much x

  55. susannah

    done! x

  56. Melissa T.

    I had problems with the blacked out words as well. I believe it was a certain font you used. I just read from my computer what the words were and filled them in on my printed copy. Thank you so much for such a great resource!!


    I’ve been doing this the past three years, and am so excited to plan and pray through 2015 this next week. I’ve recently started a business and would love something like this for that. Do you have any ideas?

  58. Kara

    I am so grateful for this workbook. This will be my third year completing it and it truly centers me in a positive way. This year has been…interesting and this could not come at a better time. Thank you.

  59. Caitlin | Our Natural Heritage

    I can’t thank you enough, I look forward to this every year. I have been going through a difficult career transition these last few years and this workbook is always so amazing and helpful and comforting. thank you so much!!!! I wish you a happy and healthy and vibrant New Year :)

  60. susannah

    unfortunately my designer is on holiday now for xmas otherwise i would ask her to have a look at the pdf — glad you found a workaround! x

  61. alanna

    Hi there, this book is amazing – what a gift to the world! I was wondering if you might be able to email it to me as well. Alas I am having some issues with the PDF also. Thankyou so much, love and blessings.

  62. Darcey

    Thank you for releasing an updated version of the Unravelling journal again this year Susannah! I’ve been using your journal since 2011 and have appreciated the depth of focus and insight it provides! It’s truly helped me realize my full potential–which leads me to my word for 2015. I’ve come full circle and feel that ENTELECHY is my word once again. It was the word I chose when I first started this and it’s amazing to look back and see all that I’ve accomplished since then :) I’ve linked to your post via my site here and explained what Entelechy means to me:

  63. susannah

    Just emailed it xx

  64. susannah

    Beautiful word!!

  65. Erin Hancock

    This is a wonderful tool. It’s a great guide through all of the nooks and crannies of my brain. My husband and I had afternoon tea yesterday and each worked on our work book. I’m already jazzed for 2015 and I’m not even done yet. Thanks for this wonderful gift!

  66. Dimeta

    I am so excited about this workbook. I have been completing this exercise for 5 years now. I can’t start any year without it. Keep doing great things for others!

  67. Jacana

    Wow my first visit to your blog and I am inspired, I need a word. And…. there are presents.


  68. geri

    Having trouble printing this out as well! Please send it to me. I’m very excited about using this.

  69. Jackie

    Susannah, thank you so much for this beautiful workbook. It’s my 3rd year using it, and I am so excited to get started on 2015. Unfortunately, I seem to be having the same “blackout” printing issue as a few others. Is it possible to get a copy emailed to me?
    Thank you!!!

  70. Catherine Chandler

    I’m so glad to find this workbook! Recommended by a dear friend, I cannot wait to sit down and work through it. Thank you!

  71. susannah

    just emailed it! x

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