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30 things British people say vs what we actually mean — this is SPOT ON (nice one, Adela)

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2014 cookbook gift guide

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I have a soft spot for London cabbies

The Loveumentary

9 DIY advent calendar ideas

[video] Wanderers

Happy weekend, loves! xo

2 responses
  1. ann lassiter

    My Mom is English (War Bride) – I’m American. I liberally use these phrases since we learn language from our mothers (often). I’m also Southern (we have phrases that verge on Elizabethan because we never forgot them). Typical Southern American expression and what we really mean: Bless Your Heart – 1) aren’t you sweet 2) I’ll pray for you [if you’re that way inclined] 3) You are an idiot and I question the independence of your genetics. Btw – ya’ll is always plural. The landscape of my linguistics is beautiful, varied, and mystical.

  2. Anne-Marie

    Brits and Kiwis obviously speak the same language! Those are all soooo familiar.

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