Something for the weekend

The misty magical road |

Who should you marry? I’m so glad you asked (thanks Sarah)

Rosewater shortbread | fresh ginger tea | leftover turkey soup with root vegetables

Looking forward to contributing to this free tele-class with Andrea

Make your own solid perfume | wall-mounted succulent letter DIY

[video] Jerry Seinfeld, Ricky Gervais, Louis CK and Chris Rock on their creative processes

The courage to shine is full of crap — loved this from Liv

Joy’s winter reading list

Pressie ideas: this T-shirt | this scent | this necklace

[podcast] Avoiding the comparison trap

And finally, my free 5-day course, Find Your Word, starts tomorrow! Still time to join us if you’d like help with finding your word to support and inspire you through 2015. There’s over 3,000 peeps signed up for the course so I reckon the Facebook group will be lively! I’m thinking it’ll be nice to keep the group active going into the new year so we have a space for support and accountability. I’ve wanted to create a Facebook group for my blog for a while, so this might be a way to do that — let’s see what happens :)

Happy weekend, loves xo

3 responses
  1. JO

    Thank you. Love you. x

  2. Clare

    Susannah, you have a great eye for spotting wonderful things, from this list I have signed up for a free course, favourited a new Etsy shop and pinned a perfume project! Thanks x

  3. susannah

    Thank you! I love doing these posts each week :)

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