Something for the weekend

The right mug can turn your whole day around |

[video] David Hockney in the now (SO inspiring!)

Homemade peppermint lipbalm

Lumbersexuality and its discontents

Imagining God’s voice as “she” — ohh, Ronna

Treat yo’self: moon calendar | this tote | this necklace | this wall hanging

Pausing for peace — gentle wisdom from Rachel

“It’s realizing that after 42 years, the relationships I’m most proud of are the one I’ve built with my mom and the one I’ve built with myself.” — yes.

[video] *sigh* this makes me wish I could draw


And finally, the January session of Unravelling starts on Monday and there’s still time to sign up if you’d like to join us!

Happy new year, loves! xo

7 responses
  1. Lauren BURKITT

    Love that moon calendar…so pretty! Happy New Year Susannah, xoxo.

  2. Raquel

    Thank you for sharing these! Such gorgeous treats to begin 2015. The photo in my blog reader made me sigh with such contentment. I’m inspired to make a cup of coffee right now. Wishing you a joyous, open, sparkling New Year.

  3. Ronna

    So profoundly honored and grateful, Susannah. Thank you. xoxo

  4. Galia

    Inspiring finds- love- off to immerse in the floralanatomy and soak up some muse singing.
    Wonderfilled New Year to you.

  5. Galia

    Oh and totally loving seeing all the animals I grew up with in Oz in Raych Pony Gold’s work. Thanks for the intro Xx

  6. Susan

    I loved the Hockey video. He is my favorite contemporary painter. Thank you for making my day.

  7. Alia

    LOVE these! <3

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