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How to pay attention (thanks Tammy)

Honoured to be contributing to Liv and Rachel‘s new programs and Jill‘s free ebook

Complete guide to meditation for stellar parenting

“Selfies aren’t as simple as self-absorbed snapshots. In documenting ourselves, we’re documenting the ways our most important relationships have shaped us. By documenting ourselves, we’re valuing the intrinsic good that we bring to the lives of others. Because we’re not just girlfriends, wives, mothers, and daughters. We’re humans that are loved and love. That make funny jokes, and have good hair sometimes, and make awesome lipstick choices.” — on selfies

Here is what happens when each Myers-Briggs personality type makes a new years resolution

The universe, man. I’ve already shared this but have decided we need to look at this at least once a week #perspective

[podcast] Loved chatting to Tiffany about creativity and keepin’ it real

“Pinterest—It’s mainly female-dominated and is for those who have an artsy/hipster focus. Not too many people talk about it.” — A teenager’s view on social media

I do love a good stationery round-up

And finally, is it weird that I kinda want one of these? (thanks Tina)

Happy weekend, loves! xo

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  1. Jessica

    I listened to what you had to say in Andrea’s tele-classes and loved it. And combined with Liv’s talk about “coming out as your authentic self”.. it was exactly what I needed to hear. I shut my blog down in 2012 after feeling panicked about sharing too much about myself with the world, but lately I’ve felt the urge to open it up again. Maybe this is the year? I laughed when I read the INFJ’s resolution on the link you posted; “I resolve to be less of a perfectionist and share more of myself with others”. Ok, Universe, I hear you ;)

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