Something for the weekend

The sea dance |

Such beautiful still lives

Looking forward to this new book

So much awesome

Rainbow veggie bowl | two power salads | warm + roasted winter salad bowl

25 writing hacks from a hack writer | My writing process

Blokes I follow on Instagram: Michael Sydney Moore | Dallas Clayton | Brock O’Hurn (you’re welcome)

This old man

I need to go here! (thanks Sarah)

How to be alone

My morning routine

Happy weekend, loves! xo

7 responses
  1. Julia Elmore

    Wow, those still lives are just breathtaking. Sigh! Think I also need to stroll to the shop and stock up on greens and other nutritious colours after drooling over those salads too. Ah, the weekend. Learning to be alone again. Thank you for the inspiration Susannah. x

  2. Lisa Wright

    Man buns and beards are my new fantasy – Yes indeed, thank you for introducing me to Brock!!!

  3. Lisa Wright

    If Brock was my personal trainer you’d never get me out of the gym!

  4. Renee

    Oh mercy, thanks for sharing Brock

  5. Terilyn

    That song will NOT get out of my head. At random moments my daughter (22 yo) or I will just pop out with “I’m an albatrouse”. Sheesh!

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