Something for the weekend

[video] Maira Kalman: My Favorite Things

Winter beauty balm

So. You wanna lose weight. — loved this from Sara

The trouble with men (it’s not what you think)

If I ever get married, I want Penny & Cam to film it

[video] We Quit Sugar (watch all of them — I’m still laughing)

Miso avocado salad | GF oatmeal cookies | lemon & garlic pan-seared salmon

On never wanting to be pregnant — thanks for this, Jessica

10 podcasts to help your business thrive

And finally, all the feelings it is possible to feel, indexed

Happy weekend, loves! xo

6 responses
  1. Roxanne

    Love the feelings, lol.

    And the candour of the post about never wanting to be pregnant. I agree, it seems almost sacrilegious in some circles to say such a thing. And sadly, many women who cannot, for whatever reason, get pregnant, feel like they’ve failed at their womanhood.


  2. Jo

    ‘We quit sugar’? Genius. Right there. LOVE.

  3. susannah

    If i’m having a crappy day I go and watch all six episodes back to back :D

  4. Jessica

    Thanks so much for including me in this list…and more importantly, thanks for introducing me to The Katering show!

  5. leonie

    omg, those videos are hilarious.
    and the article from Sara was a great read

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