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What nourishes me |

You know you’re a solopreneur when… putting on jeans counts as getting “dressed up” for the day #sotrue (also: I kinda want this)

The rise of the death doulas

[video] David Whyte on ending relationships

The best photo editing apps for iPhone and Android

Instagram apologises for removing poignant photos of a woman on her period

7 reasons your wife is stressed out all the time

Let it burn

Avocado cucumber salad | curry & garlic sweet potato fries | bacon & asparagus fritatta

[podcast] 10 success secrets of the highly creative

And finally, spring time bundles

Happy weekend, loves! xo

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  1. Jo

    I have long been absolutely fascinated by the work of death doulas – or soul midwives as they tend to be called here (and I prefer it!). I actually think it’s something I could do. Maybe in a few years when E’s grown up.

  2. elizabeth

    I know I say this EVERY time– but I LOVE your something for the weekend posts so much!!!

  3. tiffany han

    Ah, thank you so much for the shout-out Sweets. It’s such an honor to be included in your brilliant list. And XOX to you for a gorgeous weekend!

  4. Nina

    On the subject of periods, you might like to sign this: .

  5. Emmy

    Hey tiffany, I want to thank you for your podcasts, I listen to them often and enjoy them tremendously. Thanks Susannah for introducing them to me!

  6. Cristina @ one Woman shop

    Thank you so much for including our You Know You’re a Solopreneur When post! Glad it hit home for you :) Excited to dig into the rest of the posts here too!

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