Something for the weekend

Something for the weekend |

I’ve been quiet here, I know. In-between the yoga immersion and my usual workload I’ve been working on the new site. It’s going to be beautiful (I think… I hope!) and I’m developing some new things for you. Bear with me, yeah? It’ll be worth it :) In the meantime, some links for you:

Shades of sensitivity (Elizabeth found this)

Tired of having to wear a thick skin? Try this instead

I really need to do this: make your own board butter

10 things internet marketers don’t want you to know — I always love some truthful biz talk, thank you Shenee

Jo’s latest course looks amazing for new designers

Green smoothie | black sesame cupcakes | [cute video!] the best paleo bread recipe

Creative ways to declutter your home

How to make people *not* want to join your freakin tribe — wisdom from Justine, as always

Behind the scenes of a photo shoot

Happy weekend, loves!

p.s. I’ve started sharing sneak peeks of the new site with my Love Letter peeps, so, ya know, if you’re curious, you can sign up here. I just recorded a video for them, going out next week ;-)

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  1. Megan

    Thanks for posting the meditation link. Loving-kindness meditations have been my jam recently. I too am an ultra sensitive person and many times I’ve tried to “hard ass” my way through life. I believe I’ve finally reached a point where I’m ok with being an emotional marshmallow :)


  2. susannah

    I can so relate :) x

  3. Theresa

    Dear Susannah,

    Thank you for the sweet mention! So happy that you enjoyed my post.


  4. Neens Bea

    Oooh, plenty of goodies here, will need to have a closer look tomorrow! Just skimmed the article Shades of Sensitivity, and am now feeling annoyed that I’ve got the sensitivity but not the rampaging creativity… ;-)

  5. Jo

    Oh I’m LOVING Shenee. Because Keanu IS better than everyone. Ever.

  6. Parisa

    The links are inspiring as always, Susannah. I loved Shades of sensitivity. I cannot wait to watch the video you just recorded :)

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