Something for the weekend

Something for the weekend |
I want to live in this house

Pea & bacon potato hash | breakfast salad | broccoli, mushroom + tomato scramble

[video] Marina Abramovic and Ulay meet again after 30 years apart (thank you Cigdem)

Gents of IG (you’re welcome!)

Discover the kitchen style for your Myers-Briggs type | 16 personalities

This bottle stopper | little narwhal

[video] This designer is awesome | her website

Adorning my laptop right now

Love reading about Heidi’s book creation process

And finally, Cloudreporter

6 responses
  1. su

    Thanks Susannah, loved reading Heidi’s book creation process.
    Wish you all the best :)

  2. Phoebe reid

    I was at MoMA in 2010 the evening that Marina Abramovic was there during her The Artist is Present exhibition. I saw her but did not sit across from her and definitely had no idea that any of this had happened! What a sweet and touching video, thank you for sharing it :)

  3. Vickie

    oh my, that house is amazing!

  4. Giusy

    I already saw the video on Marina’s story film, this meet is so touching! Thanks for sharing it: love is something beautiful, sometimes when it true happens. Xoxo, giusy

  5. Jay

    As moving as it is, it wasn’t the first time Marina + Ulay had seen each other:
    See comments.

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