Something for the weekend

Something for the weekend |

These texts from parents made me laugh

The labyrinth of life

This photo | and this one

[video] 80s video dating montage (clearly not much has changed)

Currently on repeat

Iced green tea | grapefruit + watermelon agua fresca | lemon spring tonic

This couple is fascinating

One of the most intense experiences of a photographer’s life

Spot on :)

And finally, the last session of Photo Meditations for 2015 starts on Monday. The next session of PM won’t be till February next year so there’s still time to join us if you want to dive deeper into your photography this July!

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  1. Anne Jutras

    Hello Susannah,

    Wow, the photographer experience touch me a lot!
    Can’t wait to see your new web site… ;-)

  2. Bekah

    Great links! Those texts from parents were hilarious!

  3. india flint

    thank you Susannah, what a delightful surprise to find you had linked to one of my pictures. warms the heart, it does!

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