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4 responses
  1. Jo

    Oh hell yeah:

    ‘INFJs never lose awareness of other people.

    In fact, that’s why INFJs generally need more alone time than INFPs (not always, but usually). The only real distance INFJs get from other people is when they’re truly physically alone, and this is generally used to recharge their batteries for the next trip into the outer world.

    INFJs are far less interested in validation and are more interested in protection. They don’t need you to agree with them, they need to know you’re not going to hurt them, even if the fear of hurt is deeply unconscious.’

    Great piece. Thanks : )

  2. Caroline

    I adore Mortified. We have the live show here in LA- have they got it going in London? It’s so human and touching and wonderful. Plus, journals. The best!

  3. Caroline

    Yep- that’s all me as well. I tested as an INFP when I was younger, but this is definitely right on for me now.

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