The August Break is back!

The August Break is back! |

It’s that time of year again! Back in August 2010 I realised I needed a break from blogging so decided to only post photos on my blog that month. I don’t remember if I kept this up, but I invited my readers to join in and just like that, the yearly August Break was born.

This is a community project that has no real rules –  the idea is to simply take a photograph every day for the whole of August. That’s it. Pause, look around you and shoot what you see. Live inside each moment. Pay attention to what’s there. If it’s the summer where you are it’s a lovely way to be present to the moments that will be gone before you know it. If it’s the winter, what better way to liven up your day than with a creative project to play with? :)

You can use any camera. You could shoot every day or every other day or just on weekends. You can share your photos or just enjoy taking them without sharing. You can start and not finish. You can join in at the end.

Anything goes, loves!

The August Break is back! |

Once again I’ve created a list of photo prompts you can follow – or not, anything goes, remember? —  you could even use them as daily writing prompts with or without photos.

This year we can share our photos and gather as a community in several places: Instagram with the hashtag #augustbreak2015, Facebook and Flickr. Plus we have a blog roll so we can find new blogs to visit — head over to the main August Break page to add your blog.

Here’s to a beautiful month of mindful pleasures! xo

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  1. Helena

    I’ve been looking forward to this.

  2. Bekah

    Can’t wait for this new month of magic, and the chance to connect with kindred souls!

  3. Caroline

    That article about the fancy tiny houses made me laugh so hard I snorted- I saw it a few weeks ago and it’s one of the best things I’ve read in a long time. And this from someone who often dreams of living in a tiny house. Or maybe just putting one in the back garden for reading and journaling in? :)

  4. Clare

    Oh, I love The August Break! I will start snapping tomorrow.

  5. Alexandra

    I love August Break! I looked back on my blog and last time I participated was 3 years ago! Time to do this again. Thank you for setting this up ?

  6. Mieke

    And then suddenly I find your blog!
    I just read the ‘about’ and look forward to discover more. Slowly but sure I’m discovering (over the past years) that I’m really not alone in the way I feel, the way I am. I always kind of felt like an outsider (often still feel so). But I’m learning every day now!

  7. Brian Cox

    What a great idea. I’m definitely going to do this on my blog and on my instagram feed. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Yvonne John

    Ohhh what a great idea. I’m looking forward to seeing what develops..

  9. Kelly

    What a great idea! Just found you via Barb at Keeping with the Times. I’ll be watching and joining in on the challenge in IG as much as possible. Thanks for this inspiration!

  10. Meredith

    Any rules against doing the August Break in September? Once I finish the August Moon writing prompts, I want to follow the August Break prompts to help continue with the creative flow.

  11. Gayle

    I just heard of the August Break today as the month winds down but His timing if always perfect. The daily prompts and inspirations are something I needed right now. Thank you.

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