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Last December I mused in my journal that maybe it was time to revamp my website. It had always felt like such a mammoth task I’d been putting it off for years but for some reason, as the year drew to a close and I looked forward into 2015, I knew it was time. So I reached out to a designer I admired and asked if she’d work with me. To my delight she said yes, igniting what’s turned into a seven-month mission. Along the way I had a photo shoot with a photographer I adore and we found a developer who’s been utterly charming and a delight to work with. Ideas were collated, pages were rewritten and a new vision for the site was birthed. It’s been fun and challenging in equal measure!

My intention for the new site was to create a space that feels deeper and softer and more delicious than ever. A place that’s elegant and stylish, user-friendly and thoughtfully put together. A place that’s an expansion of who I am in this online world, while still feeling unequivocally like me.

I think we’ve achieved this :)

Rather than create loads of unnecessary new stuff we’ve simply reimagined every page and added one significant new page: the Shop. There you’ll find teasers of the four courses I’ll be rolling out over the rest of the year — in feedback from a recent survey you guys overwhelmingly asked for some shorter courses so now the site’s done I can’t wait to get started on those!

We’ve also given two of my most read blog posts — The Art of the Polaroid and How I shoot with my iPhone — their own pages, and I’m deeply in love with the new e-courses page. And the media page. And the about page. Hell, I love all of it :)

So do have a look around and please know that we’re still ironing out any kinks!

I hope you like my new digs xo

{With big smoochy love to Chelsy, Michael and Kristin — and to Rachel for connecting me with Chelsy in the first place xo)

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  1. Catalina

    Beautiful Susannah! and so YOU!
    Inspirational and very well organised. Still more magic than in your old one.

    And today is a Full Moon ;) a Blue one. Great day to launch the new one. All the best! and thank you for your kindness and inspiration always. and I am ready for…..
    The August Break!!!


  2. Clare

    Site looks beautiful and elegant. A joy as always x

  3. Stephanie

    Oh, I really love the new look. It’s very clean, beautiful, and wonderful.

  4. Gerri

    Oh Susannah,
    It’s lovely. It has such a warm feel to it. I think you achieved what you were looking for, the softness and the deepness. Bravo gorgeous!

  5. Emma

    Oh, this is scrummy! Love it! Really looking forward to seeing what’s next – those short courses sound fabulous. x

  6. Latifa

    Love the new sight Susannah! Inspiring me to get to work on re-vamping my own….

  7. Aline

    Susannah, the new website is just gooorgeous! Congratulations :-) It’s simple, clear, clean and beautiful.And all those detailed lovely photos. Oh yes, it really breathes YOU. Looking forward to hear more about the new courses. Love & light from Belgium, Aline xo

  8. sheila

    Especially the photographs and the clean design.
    It’s a winner!! Well worth the wait.

  9. Dal

    Super super gorgeous Susannah!! I could just wrap it around me like a really big soft blanket. Congratulations!

  10. Sheri Shay

    Bravo! The new web site is elegant and soulful. I’ll be part of your Aug. Break.I’m looking forward to sharing. Love to you dear soul sister.
    Sheri Shay

  11. Claire

    Well, it was certainly worth the wait!!
    And boy, haven’t you been busy FOUR new courses!! I’ve registered interest in two – can’t wait to work with you again :)

  12. Michele H.

    This is simply lovely Susannah. Definitely worth the wait. Can’t wait to dive in a little bit more.

  13. Jane

    Brava to you Susannah! What a gorgeous website which I can’t wait to explore. xo

  14. Lydia Kimble-Wright

    Great Job! This is such a dreamy, serene and lovely website. I love the opening photo and how the blog slides up and over it. There are so many little touches, like the speaking instructions for signing up — so new and innovative. Now I have a new blog that I aspire to. You should definitely include info about re-creating a website in your Blogging From The Heart course. If so, I’d love to know this so that I might take the course again. Your blog is so much a part of who you are. Beautiful! Blessings and love, lydia

  15. Alexis

    Great site. Love the photos on each page.

  16. Carol

    It’s really beautiful Susannah :-))

  17. tiffany

    OMG I love the new site Susannah! It’s so lovely and calming. Love the full width photos on your pages! It’s absolutely beautiful!

  18. Debra Eve

    Nailed it, Susannah. The new site is absolutely, stunningly, perfectly you. Do we need to unsubscribe and subscribe again to get the Inspiration Library goodies?

  19. Belle

    I love it! It’s a giant sigh of relaxation for the eyes and the soul! Congratulations! It’s beautiful.

  20. susannah

    not at all, love – the address of the library, and the password, is the same as when you originally subscribed :)

  21. Su

    Love it; its beautiful and has a sacred feeling :)

  22. alexa

    This fits your bill perfectly: like soft, clear, gently running water. Refreshment for the soul :). Wishing you and all your visitors joy in being here …

  23. Cora

    the new site has a dreamy feel to it; very inspirational and I love the photos of you and what you’ve written so that new readers can get a feel for who you are right away. Looking forward to your blog posts, as always, and to your new e-courses! Congratulations!

  24. Anab

    Beautiful!!! it shows why you love it so. and we’re luuuuuuurving it too :)

  25. Kristina

    Love the new website! Congratulations!

  26. Vickie

    gorgeous new space!

  27. Grace

    Gorgeous, just like you! I love how clean it looks. Congratulations, Susannah! xx

  28. Susanne

    Congratulations — a new “space” is always so exciting. But am I the only one who’s finding it pretty much impossible to read? Or maybe it’s just that I’m old-school & actually use a computer instead of a smart phone. The text is too small & pale to read on my (hi-end) monitor & even after I fiddle around increasing the text size, it’s still so pale & fragmented as to be almost illegible. This comment — I can’t actually read what I’m writing. And the “hovering” drop-down menu that follows me down the page & cuts off an inch of viewing? Sorry. Not a fan there, either. Sorry for sounding so grumpy, but I’m finding that more & more of my favorite sites are going for a look that works for the smart phone crowd but not so well for the rest of us. I love — LOVE — your site, Susannah. And you did ask for feedback.

  29. Anne Jutras

    Hello Susannah,
    It’s beautiful! Congratulation on your new home! I love the picture, very You. ;)

  30. Sylvia Gil-Stearns

    Your new site is absolutely beautiful. The design and the functionality are excellent and in keeping with your message, the site inspires a feeling of peace and tranquility.

    Well done. :)

  31. Cigdem Kobu

    Your new site looks beautiful, Susannah! Congratulations!

  32. Shosh


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