The Inside Story is coming

The Inside Story is coming |
Hey look, it’s a photo of me pretending to work at my computer! Even though this is a posed shot for the new site it’s a pretty accurate representation of my day-to-day. I don’t have a desk so I’ll either be perched like this at my kitchen table or (more likely) sitting on my bed with a laptop tray, a coffee on my bedside table and notebooks strewn around me. Working from home and having a business that’s 95% online is something I do not take for granted. It was a winding path that lead me here and I’ve learned so much along the way. As I regularly get emails me asking me about how I run my biz — and you guys overwhelmingly asked for it in my recent survey — my next course will be The Inside Story: Running a Heart-Centred Business.

There are a LOT of biz-related courses out there and I don’t feel qualified to teach you how to start your own business. However, what I think could be just as valuable is an in-depth tell-you-everything tour through my business. A series of videos (with transcripts, audios and resource lists) where I share it all. You want my numbers? The screw up stories? The stuff that works best for me as an introvert? My personal theory on running a biz that genuinely helps people? Marketing that doesn’t feel slimy? You got it :D

I’m not an expert on running a biz but I’m the expert at running MY biz so if that’s of use to you I want to know your thoughts! Please head over HERE to fill out the questionnaire I’ve compiled — shouldn’t take more than five minutes, max. It’s important to me that I answer ALL your questions, so if this is something that piques your interest tell me what you’re dying to know!

You can sign up to get emailed when the course opens over on the Shop page — I’ll be offering a special discount to peeps on that mailing list :-)

Thank you so much!

4 responses
  1. Meg Manion Silliker

    Your creative spirit never ceases to amaze me. xo

  2. Michelle

    It feels like Christmas. I am over the moon about this course! :-)

  3. Meghan

    That is a beautiful picture! I know that place – wish I could come over for tea. I love that you are doing this business thing. If you want to practice on someone just starting – let me know!

    LOVE you!

  4. Lee-Ann

    I’m really looking forward to this! As a fellow introvert and HSP, the idea of working from home AND having meaningful work is something that I’ve craved since leaving university a decade ago. It’s been quite the opposite, though, and I feel so ready to be free of the office/cubicle routine. Most days it feels like torture.

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