Something for the weekend

Something for the weekend |

A male perspective on vulnerability

[podcast] Dr Christianne Northrup on getting free from the cage of age

I had two beautiful and insightful readings this week from two lovely souls that have both been incredibly supportive: highly recommended!

Avocado sandwich with green harissa | nectarine, tomato + burrata caprese | vegan corn chowder

When I was single, smug married people drove me nuts. Then I became one. — thanks for this, Jenny ;-)

Sensitive: The Movie

[podcast] Mary Oliver on listening to the world

What if we achieved “in-box zero” for our brains? — enjoyed this from Paul

Creating a book cover

[video] To Scale: The Solar System (I loved this so much)

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  1. Katie

    Hey Susannah, thank you for the wonderful Mary Oliver goodness! Bon weekend! XXX

  2. Nathalie

    I was like: “who’s that guy with abs and stuff talking about relationships?”. Then I listened to one of his podcasts and I was very pleasantly surprised. He’s good and straightforward. Thanks for the link to Matthew’s blog.

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