100 words of feeling


Overwhelm. Determination. Disappointment. Sadness. Longing. Ache. That feeling you have when you want to burn everything to the ground and start again. When nothing makes sense any more except the absolute knowing that nothing will ever make sense. Trust. Is that a feeling or a doing? Blindly trusting even though there are no signs up ahead and you don’t know where you are going. But then you look out the back window and see all the signs that were there and, in fact, you did see them but not with your eyes. So you close your eyes and look again.

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  1. Bakary Cafe

    Truly inspirational.

    Reminds me of this quote I saw on Pinterest:

    ‘Stay patient and trust your journey’


  2. Gina

    Welcome to midlife.

  3. lorette

    Gosh! ..this is where I am right now…i made a HUGE lifestyle change thinking…trusting?…that what was ahead was the right direction, but now that i am here, i am fraught with disillusion and the inability to make any more decisions! …six months have passed without me doing anything to fix my life, except cry and rant and cry! TRUST? who do each of us have to trust in? family…friends…news articles? no, we are definitely alone, as no one wants to share the responsibility if we mess up our lives. …but i didnt get where i am without messing up…without trusting…in my 20’s and 30’s i was wildly trusting of myself…i picked up all that i owned and moved several times without the security of knowing where i was going to work or even live…now, as i am older and have less time to ‘fix’ mistakes, i still have to blindly trust myself…looking back there are always signs…never in front…but what i can cling to with my eyes wide open, is that i can change things, maybe with a tremendous more research as to options, but i can change things and i can trust that i am strong enough, independent enough to have the courage to say ‘oops!’ and figure things out! having the ability to seek out others through blogs or journals makes each of us less alone…we can commiserate without giving too many details…we can make ourselves feel better that we may have done the same mistakes as others…and we can find that trust and determination in ourselves again to go out there…and find our way…im frightened, scared for six months that i would make things more of a mess…but now, i can take a deep breath and trust myself that i will find something that feels like happiness…that i will have a normal life…it will all be okay! there is a saying ‘things may seem they are falling apart, but they are really falling into place’ …i am blindly trusting that saying, even tho things seem a mess, i have done some things right…trust? yes, it is a feeling…a gut feeling but it is also a doing…we have to trust ourselves, we dont really have anyone else, right? things WILL be okay…hugs!

  4. Carmel

    Closing our eyes so that we can see! True words shared well.Trust is feeling, doing and knowing. Knowing that whether we got it right or wrong we can deal with the consequences (because we have before) and we need to call on those we can trust to support us.

  5. Rachel

    I love this. I love this especially because I am just writing about trust, and this felt like a little spark, a little moment of magic. xx

  6. Nina

    What I am feeling right now. Still looking for the trust though. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. leonie

    those last two sentences…. yes.
    loving you

  8. Linda

    Trust sometimes makes us feel vulnerable. I think trust is a doing word. x

  9. Kelly

    Life is rather tumultuous right now isn’t it just?! Feeling all of it right with you Susannah! I majorly struggle with trust….trusting others…trusting in my intuition….trusting in the universe…

    But we will muddle through!

    PS: I CANNOT WAIT for the start of your new course – bring on November! x

  10. Angie R

    Damn – this is exactly how I am feeling. I feel that I am at the space in time where I need to go towards what is me. This running a small business in a business-type of industry – yeah, while I can do it, it’s hollow. Whatever dream it was died when he died. It has no life blood. I am planning to leave it and yes, while I am not sure what awaits, I am effing excited and alive again. Thank you for your words. I was meant to read them at this.exact.time.

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