December Reflections returns!

December Reflections, 2015 |


Well, for a minute there I didn’t think this was going to happen, but it is, it’s here! Welcome back December Reflections, 2015!

Inspired by The August Break, I instigated December Reflections last year as a gentle way to close out the year while having fun doing it in community. As ever I’ve compiled a list of photo prompts we can shoot, though I also think these will work really well as journaling prompts, too, should you be so inclined :)

This project has no real rules – the idea is to simply take a photograph every day(ish) for the whole of December. That’s it. Pause, look around you and shoot what you see. Reflect on how the year’s gone down. Enjoy a bit of mindful creativity in the run up to the new year.

You can use any camera. You could shoot every day or every other day or just on weekends. You can share your photos or just enjoy taking them without sharing. You can follow along with the prompts or just do your own thing. You can join in at any time.

Anything goes, loves!


December Reflections, 2015 |


There are several ways we can gather together as a community:

1. Share your photos on Instagram using the #DecemberReflections hashtag

2. Add your photos to the December Reflections 2015 Flickr group

3. Add your blog to our blog roll (over HERE) so we can all find new blogs to read!

I haven’t created a Facebook group for DR simply because there will be one for Find Your Word (more on that very soon!) so let’s just enjoy taking our photos and hang out on Instagram and Flickr, yeah? Let’s keep it simple.

We start on Tuesday! xo

81 responses
  1. ana

    I love these opportunities to look anew, & December can be overwhelming for several reasons, so thank you!!

  2. Nic F

    So looking forward to another December of sharing, and especially getting my ‘find my word’ reflections started. Thank you so much for organising this again x

  3. Gemma

    Yay! I’m so excited for this, thank you so much Susannah! x

  4. sarah

    ahh lovely. I will take photos but I don’t use instagram or flickr much but looking forward to Find Your Word too! thanks Susannah xxx

  5. Giusy

    Wonderful! I enjoyed the August break so much and DR will be awesome! Thank you!

  6. Linda

    That sounds such fun, I am hoping it will get me learning to use Instagram better!!

  7. Masha

    I feel blessed to be a part of this community. Much love and thanks.

  8. Bev

    wonderful idea! So looking forward to it.

  9. Rene'

    Alas! Only Facebook works for me, but I will do my best to follow the prompts! Happy December – Happy reflecting everyone! Thank you, Susannah.

  10. Sandie

    Wonderful. I do project 365 anyway and so this will fit well and the list will give me a challenge. What’s not to like? Thanks Susannah

  11. florencia

    I´m in!! Thank you, again.

  12. Fil

    What a lovely idea – I’m going to try and join in – a way of centring after the rush. Thank you :)
    Fil @ Fil’s Place – Old songs and Memories

  13. Deidree

    Love your December Reflection prompts and the simplicity of it! I’ll be doing this like our last Unravelling eCourse – some photos and some journaling. Thank you so much!

  14. Lindy

    what a lovely idea… I’ve only just discovered you and oh so glad I did…. <3

  15. Janet

    Wonderful way to end the year! Had a great time with April Love and August Break. Thanks!

  16. Heather

    Thank you Susannah. Loving the idea of having a daily creativity prompt thru December. I am in for #decemberreflections. I will share photos to my Instagram feed (instagram/soulfilledlife) and look forward to seeing what others post. Happy shooting and reflecting everyone.

  17. Cherri

    So im excited! I have only just stumbled across you and your delicious site and to be honest ive only looked at the unravelling the year stuff and December reflections and already im a fan!!
    Then I read you plan to begin a page for “Find your word” omgosh how exciting! My word last year was Shine and it fitted I think rather well..
    2016… is going to be better than ever… << not an ad selling some crap seriously better than ever before!! How to put that in a word.. I have no idea. .. thats where you Susanna come in #winning ??

    Cant wait to see and read more. Thanks for being here xx

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