Something for the weekend

Portobello Market, London |
[video] I find this video mesmerising

Alanis is awesome #fact

Already thinking about presents: this tea towel | this bag | and this one | this painting

[audio] Beautiful Writers Podcast

Is it weird to have a crush on a couple?

I have this thing with floors

The Life-Changing Magic of Intentional Ignorance — nice one, Sarah

These desktop wallpapers

[video] The Steal Like an Artist Journal talk

A writer’s manifesto

[audio] Sarah Jessica Parker almost said no to Sex and the City

7 responses
  1. Anne Jutras

    Thank you for the video of Rae Morris, beautiful music!

  2. Sam

    Thank you for the intro to Austin! Inspired :) I was just doodling a journal concept a few days ago it makes me believe it’s possible now x

  3. Lauren BURKITT

    Beautiful music video, wow! I also loved the advice from Alanis. Mmm, so good. Have a wonderful weekend Susannah. xo

  4. Gina

    ?? Love your “something for the weekend” ~ I look forward to it and love what you share. Soothes the soul and fills the spirit. Thought you should know… Have a great weekend.

  5. Gina

    The two”??” were meant to be a heart ~ apparently doesn’t work. :)

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