2015: The year in review

2015: The year in review | SusannahConway.com


First, the year in stats:

Number of websites created: 1
Number of first dates: 10
Number of second dates: 2
Number of surgeries endured: 1
Number of fibroids removed: 14
Number of weeks spent recuperating: 6+
Number of new courses created: 1
Number of trips abroad: 2
Number of years on the planet: 42
Number of personal realisations: ALL OF THEM

2015 has been a year in three acts: first came the surgery in January and the subsequent months of recovery. Next came my summertime flurry of yoga, dating and website building. And finally the licking of wounds before holing up in the Creation Cave for these final three months. While it’s been far from a fallow year, I feel I’ve been preparing the way for more to come in 2016 and beyond. The new website holds the space for more courses and books, the surgery and yoga cleared out a LOT of stuck energy, and the dating got me back on the horse, a wildly uncontrollable horse I may never tame but at least I’m trying.

I’ve barely blogged this year, preferring to share my heart in my monthly Love Letters, a space that’s felt so much more intimate. I’ll be celebrating ten years of blogging in April and in that time I’ve seen the social media landscape change so much. There are so many more places to stay connected to my peeps — I love Facebook and Instagram particularly — but the honest truth is I’ve missed my blogging mojo. I miss writing and I want to do more of it in 2016. I have an idea for my next book I plan to start fleshing out, and I have things on my heart that I feel ready to share.

I usually pen a more thorough assessment of the year but I’m not feeling the need to do it this year — I want to focus on what’s coming. I honour 2015 for all the lessons it brought me. It’s been a good year, all things considered, a year of preparation.

I am so ready for you, 2016.


2015: The year in review | SusannahConway.com2015: The year in review | SusannahConway.com2015: The year in review | SusannahConway.com


Favourite books of the year: The Rivers of London | Big Magic | Yes Please

Favourite music of the year: Flor | Lucy Rose | Dustin Tebbutt | Rae Morris | Fickle Friends | Vaults | Kina Grannis

Favourite tech (re)discoveries of the year: Spotify | Audible | Basecamp

Fave moment of the year: finding a certain unicorn card on my doorstep

Fave posts of the year: The myth of perfection | My house of belonging | The real inner circle | How I learned to live in my body | Lessons learned from nine years of blogging | The power of kindness | On opening to love (again) | One hundred words of now

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8 responses
  1. Sandra Pawula

    I feel the same way, Susannah: So ready for 2016! Can’t wait to see what unfolds for all of us. Thank you so much for all the goodness you share with the world. I’m thrilled to have taken a second course from you this year, which has truly been life-changing. Much love to you.

  2. Kizzy

    Have a great 2016, looking forward to reading your posts

  3. Michael

    I really love this. It’s inspirational. It took quite a while to read everything last night as I waited to close out the year (toasting on G.M.T. even while in Colorado!). Yes, read every link.

    HNY to you, Susannah. (One of your MALE followers! Fact is, there just aren’t blogs like this aimed for men who have no interest in sports, cars, and so on. lol.)

  4. Michael

    BTW, love that art piece above. Enchanting.

  5. Michael

    Sorry, one more comment…. I just put up my new word for the year and linked to you a few times for kudos and inspiration for others to start following you. Your “Unraveling the Year Ahead” workbook is superb, full of pointed, inspiring questions. both of us enjoyed your tweaks in it too. In fact, I hope to get to the point where my wife can take one of your inspirational classes–very much inline with her own muse. Loved your “The Inside Story” video intro. Sounds fantastic …and real! Thank you, Susannah. A very, fruitful Happy New Year to you.

  6. Jen Farrant

    Yes! I am ready for 2016. I’m not making goals, targets or resolutions. I am just going with my word for the year as my guiding light – contentment.

    I am far too driven a person not to get done what I need to do and having extra things to strive for exhausts me.

  7. vanessa joie

    happy new year dear susannah!

  8. Fanny

    I admire your strengh to focus on good thing. You’re definitely a good sheperd.

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