Something for the weekend

Something for the weekend |


Want to create things that matter? Be lazy.

Avocado toast ideas | the mother of all veggie bowls

Gift or a teacher? — loved this from Jenny

A complete (illustrated) guide to bullet journaling

Aleah Chapin’s paintings of older women are STUNNING (this is probably NSFW, just in case you’re reading this in the offfice)

The New York Public Library’s digital collections

How to be kinder to yourself

This T-shirt | this crystal collection

Loving Kyle Cease’s meditation experiment (thank you for introduing me to him, Elizabeth)

David Bowie’s notebooks (*sniff*)

ps. There’s still time to enter the Daily Guidance giveaway! I’ll be closing comments at 11pm (London time) tonight x


The Daily Guidance giveaway! Win one of these six decks + a place in class |


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  1. Cait

    Shared on Facebook <3 x

  2. Mary Dean

    Would love to win! Thx!

  3. Cherri McBlane

    My boys make me smile their laughter makes my soul soar ?

  4. Christine

    The first article’s title caught me off guard but was really interesting to read. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Ana Eugenio

    dear Susannah, who won what in your tarot giveaway? I’ve been dreaming about the course, of winning my first deck.. when will we know? please!

  6. susannah

    Hi Ana, all the winners have been notified by email — I didn’t share names just to respect people’s prvacy! :) x

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