Ollie I know this is going to be a year of LOVE because it’s already begun. While staying with Elizabeth I fell madly in love with her dog, Ollie, and ohmystars, the feeling was mutual. Apart from our family dog, Sadie — who I still dream about — I have never felt such an immediate connection to an animal before. I honestly can’t stop thinking about him with his sweet face and soft ears and gentle demeanour. Elizabeth’s “Daily Ollie” emails to me are helping with the transition :) I’ve been pondering how funny — and maybe silly — it is to fall for a dog and declare him your #dogsoulmate but then it hit me on the plane ride home — of COURSE this would happen now! This is my year of LOVE and I’ve started it exactly as I mean to go on — with a thumping heart and fluttery eyelids, broken wide open to serendipity. So yes, 2016 is my Year of LOVE. Love for my family as we welcome my new nephew into the world in May. Love for my friends as connections ripen and deepen. Love for myself as I recommit, over and over, to looking after myself on every level: heart, body and soul. Love for my community as I share new courses and bring people together to explore their innate creativity. And the opening to romantic Love in my life again. I am so fucking ready to meet my guy. So ready to write this next chapter of my story and (re)learn all the blessed lessons that come when you share your life with another human being. I have been on my own for 11 years and I am whole and complete. And I am ready to find another soul who is also whole and complete and up for walking this path with me, side by side.


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