Why I love the cards (and a giveaway!)

Why I love the cards (and a giveaway!) | SusannahConway.com


I bought my first deck of tarot cards in my late teens. The mists of time have blurred the facts but I do know it was the Aquarian Tarot because I still have it in my possession. My star sign is Aquarius and that seemed a good enough reason to claim the deck as mine; even back then I didn’t feel an affinity to the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck but there weren’t as many decks to choose from as there are today. Next came the Tarot of a Moon Garden, which was first published in 1993, providing more clues for my tarot timeline. That deck has since been lost so on a whim I bought another copy last week. Leafing through the cards I’m immediately transported back to that 20-year-old art student sitting on my bedroom floor trying to Figure It All Out. It’s like slipping into that younger skin, remembering her confusions and questions, and the pain of my first big relationship ending.

More than twenty years later my passion for divination cards has only grown stronger. They are creative and illuminating companions to my journaling and a constant friend in harder times. Funnily enough, it’s never once occurred to me to do readings for others. My relationship with the cards is extremely personal but while some of my decks are very precious to me, I don’t believe the cards themselves have inherent magical powers — they are simply pieces of cardboard after all — but my decks are special like my old journals are special: familiar, worn and loved. I treasure them like I treasure my books — and buy as many, too :)

As you can probably tell, I’m not big with the crystal balls and fortune telling. For example, I wouldn’t use the cards to make a decision, I’d use them to help me uncover how I FEEL about a decision. For me it’s less about “what’s going to happen?” and more “what am I really feeling? What do I need right now?” The cards are like mirrors reflecting me back to myself, an inspiring collection of clues and prompts that help me connect to the wisdom inside and around me.


Why I love the cards (and a giveaway!) | SusannahConway.com


I’ve wanted to create a course that explores using the cards for our own creative and personal growth for some time so I’m thrilled to announce the arrival of the Daily Guidance class! Eventually I’ll have my own deck of cards you’ll be able to use with the lessons (can you imagine?) but for now we’ll make do with the extraordinary array of decks that are currently available… Prepare to get addicted, my friends.

There’s an old wives tale floating around that your first tarot deck should be gifted to you, which I think is hilarious, because a) you’ll probably be waiting for a long time and b) it’s much more meaningful to take the time to find a deck that really sings to your soul. I’ll be sharing lots of my favourite in the class — I’m a huge fan of independently produced decks — as well as breaking down the different types of cards and styles of art to help you find decks you’re excited to get to know.

For now, here are some recommendations for a potential first (or fifth!) deck:



The Universal Waite — this modern version of the traditional Rider Waite Smith deck is easier on the eye, with softer colouring and lots more detail. As the majority of tarot books refer to this system it’s worth investing in a RWS deck (or clone, like the Anna K and Dreaming Way decks below) so you learn the basics — it will stand you in good stead.

The Anna K Tarot — this sweet deck gives super clear readings, by which I mean it’s easy to understand what the cards are saying! I love the whimsical figures and friendly vibe and found I could read with this deck straight out of the box. Great for beginners. (artist’s website)

Dreaming Way Tarot — modern and yet oddly nostalgic, this is another RWS clone that breathes life into the cards. I find the art exquisite and since cutting off the borders (I’ll talk about making your decks your own in class!) it’s fast becoming a favourite.

Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot  — never in a million years did I think I’d love this deck as much as I do. Quirky, unkempt, fun and utterly charming, this self-published deck gives the traditional RWS imagery a nautical-themed new spin. I simply adore it.

The Wild Unknown Tarot (above) — this is the deck I pull out most frequently and always find new ways to appreciate its simple beauty. Possibly not the best choice for your first deck as some of the cards might leave you scratching your head; on the other hand, if the art speaks loudly to you it will find its way into your heart. There’s a reason why it’s so popular! (UK stockist)

Shadowscapes Tarot — Stephanie Pui-Mun Law’s ethereal paintings take you into a new land, one filled with magical beings that have their own stories to tell. Gentle and intuition-enhancing, this deck loosely follow the RWS system and dreams up new fantastical ways to envision the cards. (artist’s website)



Mother Mary Oracle — this is such a nurturing deck of cards, it’s my favourite Alana Fairchild deck (and I have them all). Her words are as beautiful as the paintings on the cards themselves and I love to draw a single card when I’m looking for a word-hug.

Magdalene Oracle — this is a deeply feminine sultry oracle that always inspires me to dig deeper into my desires. You’ll often find one of these cards on my altar.

The Goddess Oracle — this beautiful deck showcases goddesses from cultures around the world. It’s supportive and illuminating with a sizeable guidebook filled with mythological meanings, interpretations, poems and rituals.

Earthbound Oracle — a new favourite that I like to read with alongside a tarot spread. So simple and clear, I love how they eloquently add another layer of insight to any cards I’ve pulled.

Vintage Wisdom Oracle — there’s a quietness to this deck I find very soothing. The artwork is gorgeous (how a deck looks is as important as how it reads to me) — I love this one especially. Definitely one to add to your collection.

Soul Cards — this deck doesn’t have any words or even interpretations in the booklet. Instead, you meditate on the image to find your own meaning. Excellent journaling material and deeply intuitive, I’ve had some profound readings with this deck.


The giveaway

To celebrate the launch of the new class I have six decks up for grabs — The Wild Unknown Tarot, The Shadowscapes Tarot, The Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot, The Mother Mary Oracle, The Magdalene Oracle and a set of Soulcards.

There will be 12 winners in total — 6 peeps get a deck of cards and a place in class PLUS! another six peeps will also get a place in class.

** If you win and you’ve already enrolled in class I will send you a refund! **

I’m happy to mail the decks anywhere in the world, so this giveaway is open to all.


How to play

You can enter up to five times in the following ways:

1. Leave a comment on this post sharing something that has already made you smile in 2016

2. Pinterest: Pin the first image below with a link to this post (then leave a comment saying you’ve pinned it)

3. Instagram: Share the second image below including a link to my IG profile @SusannahConway and the hashtag #dailyguidancecourse (then leave a comment saying you’ve shared the pic)

4. Facebook: Share this post on Facebook (then leave a comment saying you’ve Facebooked it)

5. Twitter or Google+: Tweet/share this post with your peeps (then leave a comment saying you’ve tweeted/shared the post)


Comments will close on Friday January 22nd at 11pm GMT comments are now closed and I’ll contact the 12 winners on Saturday 23rd (please make sure you type your email address carefully when leaving a comment)

Good luck and thanks for helping me spread the word about Daily Guidance! xo

* UPDATE: All the winners have now been notified :)



The Daily Guidance giveaway! Win one of these six decks + a place in class | SusannahConway.com



The Daily Guidance giveaway! Win one of these six decks + a place in class | SusannahConway.com



Daily Guidance: Using the cards as creative tools | a new class on SusannahConway.com
Daily Guidance: Using the cards as creative tools | a new class on SusannahConway.com

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  1. Rebecca Lovell

    I tweeted!

  2. Elle

    The below freezing temps–finally!–have really made me smile in 2016 :)

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    Experiencing the syncronicity the Universe is delivering is making me smile.

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  10. Inge

    My two boys made me smile this morning when they were acting really goofy. And because they are adorable to watch them play together. I smiled when my newly bought deck of tarot cards (The Wild Unknown) arrived last week. My plans and ideas make me smile, just like my word for this year “shine” does. And I smile because I trust that the future has a lot of magic and beautiful things in store for all of us, if only we allow ourselves to see the magic…

  11. Yvonne

    I’ver never had tarot cards but it sounds quite interesting.
    Many things have already made me smile this year. One thing were two little kids painting with me yesterday with real paint and brush for the first time. We were full of colour :)
    I pinned it.
    Much love!

  12. Alanna Jane

    In addition to my long-lost comment regarding my leaping forward into the unknown, moving east towards making my dreams come true, while opening up so fully to the Universe and all Blessed guidance making me smile in gratitude and joy …..

    I have shared your wonderful news/photos/course on:
    1) Facebook
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    3) Pinterest

    And now I’m crossing my fingers and toes ….

  13. Heather

    Oh, what a glorious and kind giveaway. I admit my interest piqued at the Wild Unknown Tarot! So far this year there’s been many things that have made me smile, but one of my favourites was a long-overdue four hour Skype call with my heart-sister, which helped my heart open so much more. So grateful! :)

    I have shared this on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, too ;-) xxx

  14. Erin

    Shared via Twitter!

  15. Melanie

    Something that made me smile this year was when picking my guiding card for the year I drew Queen of Cups again! It was my card last year too which made me feel like I’m on a good, authentic path.

  16. Erin

    FB Shared :)

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    and Google+ … :)

  19. Amanda

    So many things have made me smile this year but I guess one that stands out for me is picking my word of the year: Achievement. I’m celebrating all of my achievements large and small including having come to terms with 2015 as well as some horrible experiences in the past. I found the Unravelling 2016 so helpful. Thank you.

  20. Amanda

    I’ve FaceBooked this post :)

    Having a really dim moment where I can’t find the actual post link so here’s a link to me on FB https://www.facebook.com/amanda.davey.733

  21. Meredith

    I Facebooked this and in my first come t forgot to state something that has made me happy this year. My word for this year is Joy. My focus is on happiness. There are so many things to be thankful for my kids, my boyfriend, finally breaking through th blocks/fears that have dried up my creative energies for the last year. To name a few.

  22. Amanda

    I’ve shared this post on Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

  23. Nicole

    one thing that has made me smile so far this year? my new perspective! this is a new decade for me. and i smile knowing that i will make the most of it!

  24. Nicole

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  25. Sarah H.

    One thing that has made me smile this year and seeing my good friend finish his 7th marathon on Houston! I’m so very proud of him and his personal record :)

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  28. susannah

    She’s right on the money :) (i have that deck too) x

  29. Jamie

    Shared on Pinterest and Instagram. So far this year has been a little rough, but I find myself smiling often at my 3.5 year old son, at my muse, and at the sunrise. = )

  30. Ellen

    I’ve pinned it! I’m really excited about this course and am hoping I can register.

  31. Melissa

    My 2016 smile moment is courtesy of a few wonderful girlfriends who connect deeply and inspire greatly. Not to mention the thing that always makes me smile…COLOR!

  32. Monica

    Thank you for sharing. Seeing and hearing my baby do full belly laughs has lit up my world. And every morning, without exception, he makes me smile as he wakes up so happy and content – something for me to learn from! Blessings.

  33. Allie

    1. My young niece (8) found one of my yoga books, and we spent the rest of the afternoon teaching each other poses. When her younger brother (5) joined in, he was quite deliberate with his cues “now not so wide so you don’t get hurt.” Smiles for days.
    Thanks so much. This course is timely as I’ve been drawn to taro cards for the first time recently.

  34. Allie

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    Shared on Twitter.

    Thanks for sharing your favorite cards.

  35. Guylaine

    Love… Love has me smilling since the beginning of the year. It adds a sparkle to my beautiful wings; it gives me the freedom to fly and the courage to believe in simplicity. It marvels in the company of my personal word: Roots.

    Thanks for guiding us all !

  36. ilana

    Dear Susannah, I wanted to just mention that one thing that made me smile this year was your sharing of your “dog soul mate”. I totally totally love that, because I believe it oh so very true that we humans can have a soul mate with four legs! It made my teeth so warm I had to smile. And I smile again thinking about it.. Thank you for putting it out there :-)

  37. Valentina

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    Have a wonderful day!

  38. rice

    This made me smile! Your deck recommendations are great. I am not very social (in real life OR on-line) but will share on Pinterest, ‘Gram and Twitter, for what it’s worth ;)

  39. Sara Jane

    At the end of 2015, my blind cat had emergency surgery that left her very ill. She had a feeding tube for 3 weeks at the hospital and the vet and I decided to see how she’d do at home. After she refused to eat for almost 48 hours, my options were limited (due to her condition): sedate her again and give her another feeding tube or put her to sleep. The latter was the most devastating option I could think of, but she’s been through so much (2 major abdominal surgeries in 2015) that the thought of sedating her and hooking her up to a feeding tube (again) made me seriously question her quality of life. Last Sunday, my darling friend called a friend of hers who is an energy worker and the friend did some body work on my sweet Kitty. We told her it was ok if she was ready to leave her body, but if she wasn’t she had to start eating. Lo and behold, immediately after the energy work session, she started eating!! I couldn’t contain my happiness. My grin stretched across my face as tears fell from my eyes. I was so happy in 2016 that my friend and companion wanted to stay on our plane. Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe it.

  40. Sara Jane

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  41. lisa

    Just shared on Instagram, too! Thanks again for the opportunity Susannah. This course looks super intriguing!

  42. Debra

    I have a small patch of Snowdrops, right by my back door. They poked through the earth just before Christmas and slowly grew taller and then I noticed buds. Last week the buds opened and I am sitting here smiling as I think about the first time I saw they had flowered. Such sweet little white delicate flowers that somehow defy Winter’s ravishes. Makes me feel good to be alive!

  43. cristina

    I shared on instagram, too!

  44. Kirsten

    Pinned! Thanks for the chance to win!

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  46. Emmy

    So far in 2016 I have smiled the biggest smile hearing my 7 year old girl singing Katy Perry’s Roar at the top of her voice & meaning every damned word :)

  47. Emmy

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  48. rice

    hello again: pinned (aka_per); shared on twitter (ricera) and added to insta (rice_rain). thanks for offering this!

  49. Jamie

    I’m grateful for the many things that have made me smile so far in 2016. One I recall is the kindness of others who came together to help my sister care for the abandoned puppy she rescued.

    Thank you for this opportunity! Either way I look forward to your course and have shared on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

  50. Kiala

    January has already been a magical month for me starting with my birthday 4 days into the New Year spent reconnecting with good friends from faraway places. However, the one thing that brings a smile to my face is seeing the beautiful handmade art journals that the women are making in my e-course. Some of them are folding paper into books for the first time and finding their creative future filled with possibilities and hope. It feels great to know I’m living out my purpose and doing what I love — helping women empower themselves creatively through artsy exploration and self-discovery.

    I’m thrilled about this new course you’re offering Susannah and can’t wait to journey with you.

    I’ve shared on:
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    and Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+KialaGivehand/posts/4ZMAYhq1zZi

    See you there!!!

  51. Donna

    I’m an elementary school counselor and have been working with a five year old little girl who is extremely anxious. She is beginning to relax and her huge smile is contagious! Thank you for sponsoring this giveaway. My sister turned me on to tarot cards, and I’d like to know more.

  52. Melissa

    The improving health of my family made my bright smile ! We’re creating happiness.
    Thank you for your article, learning about tarot is one of my intention and I find it here : finding the path ! All the best. Melissa

  53. Francesca

    Something that’s made me smile: My 100+ pound dog taking a nap on my lap – fully and completely draped across my legs, gently snoring, utterly convinced he’s a lap dog! Also, the way he chases the sunny spots all across the house for sunny nap spots. :)

  54. Natalie

    This very post made me smile in 2016!!! My soul is ignited at the possibilities this new form of guidance and enlightement can bring. Simply tingling! Thank you for this love letter and the fantastic opportunity for this newbie to explore within. Love and light friend <3

  55. Natalie

    Also pinned on Pinterest xo

  56. Lisa

    It would be awesome to win! The thing that made me smile was that I told someone that I want to be a full-time artist as a career and they said that I could do it because my work shows that I could. Oh boy did my heart sing!

  57. Kyra Bussanich

    Working through your planner has been eye opening, and clarifying. It’s made me cry, and it’s made me laugh. Thank you for doing what you do!

    (BTW, my word for this year is MAGIC. To me, it conveys a sense of whimsy, and fun, and unexpected things working out for the best).

    I’d love to win a place in your class!

  58. Carina

    My sister. She is 14 years younger than me. But she always makes me smile! And feel loved and connected and brings everything back down to Earth. I am grateful for her ability to make me feel good! Xo (and the dog just farted – yuck)

  59. Carina

    Shared on Instagram :) woop

  60. Kate Pickett

    Yesterday’s soft, slow, gentle snowfall made me smile. So very light and fluffy, the air was so still. I was really smiling since I had the day off and could just sit and enjoy the quiet.

  61. Kate Pickett

    I just shared a tweet on twitter to this post, and I shared a pin on my Pinterest account too.

    I am very excited about this new class offering – and the chances to win some new card decks are just icing on the cake! Thanks, Susannah!

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    …aaaand shared on Twitter too! :D

    THANK YOU Susannah!

  67. Kathryn

    What a wonderful giveaway. I love your take on cards, it makes them so interesting to me – I’ve been eyeing off the wild unknown set as a way to start because it’s so beautiful.

    Something that’s made me smile…many things but probably most frequently is the endless happiness and love of my moodle, Holly.

  68. Jessica S.


  69. Christine

    I think my 5 year old homeschooled son working on two posters for a strangers missing parrot put the biggest smile on my face so far this year, the concentration, effort and excitement he put into it was awe inspiring ??

  70. Debby

    Thanks so much for this opportunity – I’ve shared on Pinterest and Twitter.
    I’m also not big on fortune telling – I have a couple of tarot decks and Oracle cards and use them for inspiration or to give me a different perspective for something I’m thinking about – would love to learn about interpreting them intuitively, understanding them better and using them for journaling.

  71. Ana

    Thank you for this generous opportunity! Also the fact that your designing your own tarot cards is very exciting! Looking forward to someday being able to purchase your deck!

  72. Ana

    I had posted on Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest. *fingers crossed*

  73. Ellen

    My friends have made me smile this year, we might be grown up but we are remembering to play.

  74. Sini

    I just love those decks! One thing that has made me smile this year was the huge snow storm we had recently. It felt so magical outside. Finally it looks like winter. :)

  75. Angie

    What has made me smile this year is the birth of my beautiful nephew:)

  76. Nathalie

    this offering …

  77. Corinna

    Blue sky, crisp snow and the sun made me smile just today. I fell in love with the soulcards. They look gorgeous!

  78. Michelle

    Just shared on Instagram (@historysong) – Tarot decks have always fascinated me, so it’d be interesting to explore one way to use them. Plus, they’re all so very pretty :)

  79. Audra

    my dog soul mate. she makes me smile daily. she helps me to radiate the joy and love inside me, that sometimes are afraid to shine. she comforts me with her being-ness and we have a grand time together.

  80. Eleanor

    Wow, it’s hard to choose just one thing that has already made me smile in 2016. The last 22 days have been FULL, but in front of me right now is a half-eaten bar of lavender dark chocolate. The other half helped me get through a long night of digging into my research toward completing my masters degree. It makes me smile knowing I have small pleasures to enjoy and pride and excitement in the accomplishment of good work.

  81. Eleanor

    Torn between pinning to ‘Wayfinding’ and ‘Knowledge.’ Now pinned to both!

  82. Bryanna

    Thanks so much for this chance! My fingers are crossed!

    Something that has made me smile thus far this year was actually on New Years Day! I spent the whole day with 2 of my friends, having brunch, coloring, wandering our favorite book stores in NYC, and watching our favorite BBC show Sherlock. All in all a perfect day that left me with a smile on my face and a hopeful outlook for the new year!

    I have shared this on:
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    Twitter: https://twitter.com/utqtbry/status/690572999536283648

  83. Arianne

    Something that made me smile in 2016: The universe is speaking LOUDLY and I am (very important here) Listening. Synchronicity!

  84. Arianne

    Shared on Facebook!

  85. Alexandra

    This is a bit of a last minute entry :) the thing that made me really smile is to see my partner unpacking his birthday presents. I think I’m sometimes more excited than he is, even though I know what’s in the parcels! Oh and seeing the Alps in their white winter coat made me smile too…

    I shared your magic on the following sites:

    Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/478437160394207577/

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    Twitter: https://t.co/ocjf0ZnnlL

    Very exited about this :)

  86. Jenn

    2016 is my Year of Being Brave. Naming it and reflecting on it every day make me smile.

  87. Jacqueline

    My three year old granddaughter telling me that her mummy has a friend who plays the pinano……….what does she play sweetie? The pinano granny.

  88. deana

    I smile at the beauty of the natural world every day–from the rain renewing our drought-stricken earth to the ladybug who has taken up residence in my tiny indoor garden.

  89. deana

    I’ve shared your post on Twitter as inspiration in the new year!

  90. deana

    Shared your image on pinterest on my inspiration board!

  91. Jacqueline


  92. Galina

    I started a year with a lot of “first” and longtime wishes came true: first time taking a cruise, visiting Mexico, watching whales and Swimking with dolphins (!!!!!!yay!!!!!) This year is fabulous!

  93. Galina

    Shared in Pinterest :)

  94. Francesca

    shared on instagram :)

  95. Kelly

    The things that have made me smile are not things, but rather the people who I share my life with – my family, my friends and my fur-babies. I love waking up in the morning, with my cat, Chloe, snuggled into the crook of my legs, and the feelings I get when I see a message from family and friends, letting me know that I have been missed and that they’re thinking of me. I am so lucky to have that, and this post has reminded me of just how grateful I am!

  96. Lindsay Vanhove

    What made me smile most in 2016 is my boyfriend. I’m going through a personal crisis and he’s the only one (besides pets acting silly) who can make me smile. He’s my rock. He’s keeping me strong. He’s the reason why I don’t do stupid things while crying for hours. He’s keeping me sane. My happiest moments are with him, when he’s very close. When he holds me tight. I’m so so grateful for him. Every day I have a smile, maybe 2, sometimes even a giant one and all those smiles are steps on my healing journey.

    I’ve seen this give-away at FB multiple times, I was afraid to join…not sure why. But now the give-away’s almost closing, I pushed myself to leave a comment and I’m glad I showed up. It would be wonderful to win a spot in the class. I’ve been using my oracle cards on a daily base now, just to cheer me up a little. I think I can learn so much from this course.

    Thank you xoxo

  97. Susan

    Woke to rain on my window this morning; beyond the drops, the sun started to come through the clouds turning the rain golden against the light. The beautiful winter morning – a 2016 smile on my face.

  98. Renee

    Sunshine, my son and my daughter have all made me smile

  99. Kelly

    What a timely & lovely giveaway chance…I have wanted for so long to understand tarot & oracle for I feel they would hold so much for me. January do far has been a month of shift, change and practicing fearlessness. Thank you with fingers crossed for this chance.

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