Something for the weekend

Something for the weekend |


I’m still alive! *ahem* Moving swiftly on…

Notes from a week in the winter woods

Boom! Excavation uncovers remains of high-status women at Stonehenge

The 58 most commonly misused words and phrases

What the Divine Masculine really looks like

Why the world can’t handle Susan Sarandom and her 69-year-old cleavage

As if Joseph Gordon-Levitt wasn’t cool enough

“Books were my anti-depressant. Then books gave me know-how to get off the floor. Then books gave me ideas. Then ideas gave me actions and actions gave me people and opportunities and a new life.” — this from James Altucher (thanks, Jenny)

Empath vs Empathy: what’s the difference?

Polite responses for people who think tarot, astrology, reiki and other mystical arts are “fake” and “stupid” — Theresa nailed it :-)

A vintage Airstream adventure on the road #thisismyporn

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, loves! xo