Something for the weekend

Something for the weekend |


I’m loving reading through the comments on my last post… I feel a follow-up post coming on ;-)

In the meantime… How to say no without guilt

I’m already plotting a retreat in this treehouse

This plate | this mug | this record player (!!)

“…when you’re innovating, sheer thinking just won’t work. What gets you there is fast iteration, and fast failing. And when you fail, you’ve done something great: you’ve learned something. In hindsight, it might look a little embarrassing, and people will say, “You should’ve known that.” But the truth is you couldn’t have known because it’s unchartered territory. Almost every entrepreneur I know has failed massively many, many times along the way.” Thank you for sharing this interview with me, Elizabeth

Find your flavour of minimalism

Supporting friends doing good things: Tanya’s demystifying the Impostor Complex | Soul Sensuality with Julie | sending good vibes and donations to Tammy’s cousin, Aubrey

A textile butchery (reminds me of this corner shop)

A bespoke typeface for Sir Quentin Blake

On the submerged world

Childless and childfree women role models

Happy weekend, loves! xo