Something for the weekend

Something for the weekend |


100 famous artists and their studios | this artist’s work

Endowhat — a timely film | interview with the director

10 ways to start an email off on the right foot | The life changing magic of shorter emails

This will be me in 40 years time (still getting inked — got my first one 24 years ago ;-)

[video] The uses of envy

12 ways to overcome online jealousy

Blueberry latte | mushroom soup + avocado toast | spring onion fritatta

The patronising questions we ask women who write

Six stretches for people who sit at desks

My dog: the paradox

Happy weekend, loves! xo

4 responses
  1. Rene

    And of course, I want to know what card decks are pictured! :)

  2. susannah

    I *knew* that would happen ;-) Moon card is from the Greenwood Tarot (now out of print) — other card is from the Intuitve Wisdom Artist Oracle cards xx

  3. Agnes {Cashew Kitchen}

    Thanks for the link Susannah! :) I love your arrangement in the picture, and that tattoo is so neat! Been thinking about getting three dots on my index finger for AGES.
    Have a lovely week!

  4. Sylvia

    Your links are always wonderful and your blog is beautiful. I hope someday to join you in your sessions. For now, I’ve linked to your site and used your April Love Letter prompt for my post today. Thank you for the inspiration.

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