Something for the weekend

Something for the weekend |


I need this pin and this travel mug

The 16 best books about writing

Tarot for the modern world: Golden Thread Tarot app | The Wild Unknown | The Fountain Tarot

For your daughters, nieces, goddaughters and granddaughters

88 more truths I’ve learned about life

Biz thoughts: The Creative World’s Bullshit Industrial Complex

Getting outa my creative cave aka me on the internet: chatting with Hannah | sharing my mornings here

Friends doing lovely things: Julie and Ronna’s writing retreat

[video] Amanda Palmer gets real about motherhood and relevance

The quiet misogyny we’re not talking about

Why self-love works better than self-esteem

10 extremely precise words for emotions you didn’t even know you had | 128 words to use instead of “very”

Happy weekend, loves! xo

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  1. Alicia

    Loving your list, as always. The morning routine was particularly interesting–nice to know I’m not the only one without a real routine. Waking up without an alarm clock is one of the sweetest luxuries in the world. <3

  2. my favorite post of the week | a breath of fresh air

    […] thanks to Susannah for recommending this […]

  3. donna

    Good stuff – thank you!

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