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December Reflections: A Month of Remembering | SusannahConway.com


I’ve been running community photo projects for quite a while now and I love each of them for different reasons. The August Break started it all in 2010 and I love how it gives me permission to slow down in August and enjoy taking photos just for the sheer pleasure of looking and seeing. April Love is my newest baby and for the last two years it’s been filling my heart to overflowing, both from the tender sharing in the commmunity and the generosity of the invited contributors (whose words have been gathered into ebooks in the Inspiration Library if you’d like to download them).

But if I had to pick a favourite I would choose December Reflections. There’s something extra cosy about the community that gathers around this one. Perhaps it’s because we’re all in that end-of-year headspace and feeling reflective. The holiday season can often feel overwhelming so DR gives us a chance to weave some mindfulness and calm into our days in the run up to 2017.

The idea behind December Reflections is simple: you take a photograph (and share it if you wish) every day in December while reflecting back over the year. I’ve provided a list of daily prompts with a mix of things to photograph — for example: light, circles, “on the table” — and things to ponder. The “ponder prompts” are an extra invitation to pause for a moment and consider some of your favourite bits of 2016. Share your treasured photos from the year alongside your thoughts. Dig further into the prompts privately in your journal. You may feel moved to create paintings or doodles, collages or poems. December Reflections started as a photo project but feel free to take it in any direction that calls to you!


A Month of Remembering with December Reflections | SusannahConway.com


There are several ways we can gather together as a community:

1. Share your photos on Instagram using the #DecemberReflections2016 hashtag

2. Add your photos to the December Reflections 2016 Facebook group

3. Add your blog to our blog roll on this page so we can all find new blogs to read

We officially start on December 1st but feel free to join in at any time! You can use any camera to take your photos. You could shoot every day or every other day or just on weekends. You can share your photos or simply enjoy taking them without sharing. You can follow along with the prompts or just do your own thing. You can do the prompts that appeal to you and ignore the rest.

Anything goes, loves! Enjoy! xo


14 responses
  1. Bella Cirovic

    Ay! Awesome. I am so down for this. xx

  2. susannah

    Yay! me too :-) xx

  3. Marcia (Organising Queen)

    This is my favourite instagram challenge of the entire year, followed closely by August Break.

    I can’t WAIT :)

  4. Judy

    This is so funny. I was thinking about taking pictures during December, just for me and my journaling and this pops up! It was meant to be.

  5. Kerstin

    Thank you for putting this together.

  6. Rae

    So thrilled that this is back! It’s such a lovely way to be mindful as the year draws to a close.

  7. sara

    Susannah –

    I was curious if you plan to create a 2017 Unraveling the New Year packet? This is my favorite tradition for several years running and I’m excited to fill it out.


  8. susannah

    yep! if all goes to plan it will be here on Monday December 5th xo

  9. Michelle Anthony

    Susannah, I just discovered you and your work today through Erica Midkiff, and I’m already such a fan! Really looking forward to take part in DR this year – it sounds like a really beautiful, rewarding project.

  10. willow

    Thank you for this, Susannah. I know you are stretched right now but will there be flickr group this time? I really enjoyed the flickr group for the August break this summer.
    If not I shall still enjoy your prompts and will be taking photographs. Thank you.

  11. susannah

    hi honey! No, there won’t be a Flickr group for this one. I’m not using Flickr these days and I was very aware of the fact that i wasn’t present in the group in August and that didn’t feel good. I have limited emotional bandwidth right now so I feel it’s best to set up groups where I’m already hanging out. Setting up a group and then leaving you guys to it just doesn’t feel right to me. Hope that makes sense xo

  12. Veronica - hyperbrain.me

    This feels perfect as a preparation for going through the full “Unraveling…” process in the beginning of January. Great initiative! I’m also really happy to hear that the next edition of “Unraveling…” is coming up very soon. Then I’ll be able to print it before I go sit in a cabin in the woods for a couple of weeks and can start filling it out. :)

  13. Chloe / One Infinite Life

    What beautiful prompts! So excited to be taking part in this again this year. I loved doing the December Reflections last year and it was such a nice way to finish up the year.


  14. Naomi

    I’m so excited to join you for this Susannah – I love what you do and how you do it!


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